Friday, November 11, 2016

The Pattaya Visit (芭提亚游记)

Ms Law has psychic eyes and she claimed to be able to see ghosts. I was curious if the ghosts she sees are the same as what I see. So, I asked her to described the appearances of those ghosts. According to Ms Law, ghosts come in various forms: some appear as a blob of white mist while some appear in human shape. She can distinguish if the ghosts are children or adults but she cannot see their face clearly. Added Ms Law, the faces of ghosts look like out of focus photos.

One evening, Ms Law came to me and told me her strange encounter when she was visiting Pattaya. She went to Pattaya for a two-day tour with her family members and they stayed in a hotel which was arranged by a local tour agency. As usual, after a day’s outing, Ms Law was tired and she retired to her hotel room to rest.

In the last night of her stay, Ms Law suddenly heard some disembodied knocking sounds on her room wall. Then a series of sounds as if someone was purposely dragging his/her slippers on the floor. A few minutes later, Ms Law felt that someone was blowing breaths near her ears and suddenly she felt cold air filled her blanket and she shivered. At the same time, Ms Law felt she cannot move her body which she described as if having a hag-ride. One moment later, she saw a long-haired lady in white materialised beside her bed and this mysterious figure sat beside Ms Law and started to talk in a language that she couldn’t understand.

The strange one-way conversation lasted for the whole night as Ms Law can recall. However, she cannot remember for how long did the lady in white sat beside her bed for she gradually fell into sleep listening to those cryptic voices. The next morning, Ms Law was awakened by knockings on her door and it was her tour guide reminding Ms Law and the other tour members to get ready for breakfast. After the breakfast, Ms Law and the gang returned to Penang by taking a flight.

As soon as Ms Law returned home, she felt sick for three days and she had severe headache. Consequently, she took sick leave and stayed at home. After Ms Law felt better, her mother brought her to visit me and told me her strange encounter. After that, Ms Law asked me: “Do you believe what I have just said? Or it was just my vivid imagination?”

I replied: “Of course I believe what you have said! Because this lady ghost is just standing behind you!!”

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