Friday, November 11, 2016

Staying In Taiwan Haunted Hotel (台湾闹鬼旅店)

This hotel is voted as one of the most haunted hotel in the world and it is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. I think you know which one I meant. I have posted many story of hotel guests being hag-ridden in hotels all over the places. Normally, an unwary hotel guest is attacked when he/she stays alone. However, the story I am about to tell you involved two ladies sharing one hotel room.

Now, Taiwan has seen many major earthquakes throughout the years and caused many casualties. Many of these people died before they can complete their work during their life time, hence these restless spirits still roam about places where they have met their doom in the hope that those work can be completed by whatever possible means.

Two ladies, Jess and Clara were sent to Taipei for a sales mission. Both of them were arranged to stay in this haunted hotel for a few days. Though they were warned about potential of bumping into ghosts; our ladies are modern thinking open minded folks. So, they just brushed aside the warnings given to them.

The ladies reached the hotel quite late and they immediately checked in for the night. Both of them were sharing a room due to their company’s cost saving measures.

Somewhere during the night, Jess suddenly heard someone was walking with lady’s high heel shoes in the outside corridor accompanied by sounds of ball bouncing along. The sounds stopped in front of the room where the ladies were resting. And, there was knocking on the door. Jess who was sleeping near the door went to open the door but she found no one was there.

Feeling odd, she returned to her bed to sleep.

The next morning, Clara told Jess that she knew Jess went to open the door. But in addition, she also saw a woman and a child entered into the room and they first sat beside Clara’s bed but laid on top of her as if she was invisible. Feeling afraid, she tried to call Jess but all of a sudden; Clara found she was not able to move or voice up. To her surprise, Jess seemed to be oblivious of the woman and the child in the room. The two apparitions only vanish somewhere around 5am.

Hearing what Clara had to say, Jess just brushed off her friend’s words as nonsense. And, both of the ladies got ready to meet the customer they were supposed to see that morning.

The meeting was quite fruitful, and the deal was signed. After the deal making, the customer invited the ladies for a buffet lunch. Strange thing started to happen to Clara as she suddenly got a craze over sweet deserts and she started eating as if she had never eaten deserts before. Jess tried to hint Clara to behave herself at the same time; she too was baffled with Clara’s sudden change of attitude because Clara was known to be extremely careful in eating sweet stuffs as she was on a diet program.

Gradually, the customer who was a follower of a Tibetan Rinpoche saw Clara’s abnormal behaviour. He thought Clara behaved just like a child and after Jess told her customer of the strange incidents in their hotel room; this gentleman brought both of the ladies to see his master.

The Rinpoche looked at Clara for a while and said that Clara was possessed by a spirit of a mother and her child. It was the child spirit that took control of Clara’s body during the buffet. If no further action was taken, then the mother spirit would also take over Clara’s body to finish what it did not complete.

After some communications with the mother spirit, it turned out that both the mother and her child were on their way to buy a birthday present. But sadly, both of them died after being crushed by falling bricks during a major earthquake. So, it was the restless spirit of the mother that tried to complete her last wish to buy a teddy bear for her child. Hearing the last wish of the mother ghost, the good hearted gentleman brought both ladies to the nearest toy store to get one big teddy bear.

Then, the Rinpoche blessed the mother and child spirits and sent them away. Right after the deliverance ceremony, Clara returned to herself again. Strangely, she could not remember what had happened to her as her memory was all blank.

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