Monday, November 7, 2016

Incubi In Irish Hotel (爱尔兰的梦魇)

Wendy is a movie actress and at times, she also hosting some TV programs. Because of her profession, she has to travel to many places; and Wendy too has her fair share of her ghostly encounters both abroad and in the country.

Once, Wendy was assigned to Ireland for a few days to do a travelling documentary for a Hong Kong TV show. The filming team travelled to Ireland and they were arranged to stay in an old Irish hotel by the sea. Each of the crews was given a room and Wendy got a room on the second floor at the end of the corridor facing the sea. It was mid-Summer and the scenery in Ireland was fantastic.

First few days went passed smoothly and the filming progress was excellent. The shooting completed one day ahead of the schedule. Upon completion of filming, the happiest of course, was Wendy herself and another actress Katherine. For the ending of filming means the beginning work for other filming and editing crews. As they were busying reviewing the videos, the two ladies were doing shopping and sightseeing for the entire day.

After a day’s rigorous shopping activities, Wendy and Katherine returned to their separate rooms for the night. They must get up early to catch the morning flight back to Hong Kong the next day.

In the middle of the night, Wendy couldn’t really sleep soundly because her mind was still active with her day time activity. As she was thinking in her bed, she suddenly heard a high pitched noise which sounded like ‘vinnn…’ and almost immediately she found that she couldn’t open her eyes or her body and a force seemed to press on her chest making she hard to breathe.

At this point, Wendy knew that she was suffering ‘hag-ride’ and she started to murmur whatever words that came across her mind: “I am sorry for disturbing. I will leave tomorrow. Forgive me for intruding your place… help me Buddha, help me Jesus Christ…”

However, all those chanting didn’t help. As now Wendy felt a cold and sticky tongue sort of stuff starting to force into her mouth. Then Wendy somehow thought of what I had told her: “If you see ghost, then say that ‘I AM A GHOST, WE ARE ALL GHOSTS!’

So at the last resort, Wendy started to say: “I AM A GHOST, YOU ARE A GHOST; WE ARE ALL GHOSTS!!”

Surprisingly, Wendy heard a loud cry: “Yaaak! I hate ghost!”

And almost immediately, Wendy could now open her eyes and there she saw a male like transparent creature with a pair of bat-like wings rose from her body and flew out from her room window.

Wendy didn’t tell anyone about her strange experience, after all; no one would believe her anyway. She finally rang me up to tell me her story because I was the one who taught her the super mantra…

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