Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anata Ga Massaji? (你要按摩吗?)

Many people like to know how does a ghost feel like. Of course, you cannot find a standard answer out there. My own experience is that the texture of a ghost is extremely smooth. It is extremely soft but not as real as silk. Perhaps I would just put ghost’s texture in between a piece of soft silk and wind… and the ghosts do not feel cold at all! I think I am qualified to say this because I was kissed and even grabbed a ghostly hand of a Japanese phantom masseuse!

Last year, I was in Osaka visiting Yuko. The first night I put up with a hotel in the city alone as Yuko was busy with her work; she would join me the next night. So, after having dinner and a walk down the street; I sent Yuko back and returned to my hotel room.

In the dead of the night, I suddenly woke up and still sleepy, I saw a white orb the size of a ping pong ball came into the room through window. Slowly the orb stopped beside my bed and foggy substance gradually gathered around the orb and the shape of a lady in kimono appeared in front of me. After a while, the phantom lady spoken: “Anata ga massaji?”

Still in a dreamy state, I simply responded: “Hai…” and continued to sleep.

Then, I felt a pair of hands slowly touched my legs and then advanced upwards my thigh. Because too itchy and due to reflexes, I suddenly grabbed hold of the hands and they swiftly retracted from my grips. I couldn’t get a very good grip as the pair of hands were as slippery as an eel and mostly, they were boneless. As soon as I raised my head to get a clearer look, the masseuse was gone. Instead, a white orb was moving fast across the room and then exited through window.

I continued to fall into slumber and brushed it aside as just another bad dream.

Next night, Yuko came and stayed with me for the night.

In the middle of the night, I suddenly heard Yuko yelled: “Yeeek!”

And, I simply spoke without opening my eyes: “Don’t worry. It will be gone before dawn… Get some sleep. We have a plane to catch.”

The next morning, I saw Yuko wrapped herself with blanket shivering. So, I pulled away her blanket to ask to prepare herself for check out.

Still shivering, Yuko said: “Last night, I saw an old fashioned lady asking if I want to be massaged. In panic, I yelled. But you told me to continue to sleep. So I can only wrap myself with the blanket until morning…”

Of course, I couldn’t tell Yuko that I too have seen the ghostly Japanese lady she saw, and had some ‘intimate’ contact or else I wouldn’t be able to persuade her to travel with me to Malaysia!

So, you got it! Ghosts do have textures and they feel boneless and pretty smooth; and they are certainly not ‘cold’!

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