Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Else In Lockups? (扣留所的东东)

A lockup can be quite haunted too. Perhaps not because the lockup location which is haunted but the ‘contents’ of this lockup: criminals, hookers, drug dealers, murderers and some unfortunate drivers etc. Most of these folks normally come with ghosts attached. So, it is these people who brought outside ghosts into a lockup instead. I supposed lockups around the world is the same:

Mr. Lee is a Singaporean ex-convict who goes in and out of lockups quite frequently as if visiting his parents according to his own words. He told me that once when he was thrown into a lockup because of human trafficking activity; a red shirt ghost came to pester him almost every night. According to Lee, this ghost would come to him at around midnight and started to ride on him. He had to practically box with this vengeful ghost until dawn each time. He had to fight and struggle with this red shirt female ghost throughout his stay in the lockup.

A social escort, Janet from Hong Kong once claimed to have seen a white figure followed at the back of a policewoman when she was thrown into a lockup for disturbing public and indecency. During one of her ‘routine’ stay in a lockup; Janet couldn’t sleep so she just leaned against the lockup wall and stared at the walkway outside. A policewoman was on duty patrolling the female lockup to prevent the detainees from hurting themselves or commit suicide.

So, Janet has got nothing better to do but to stare at this policewoman and start counting the number of times she has strolled the walkway. Since Janet knew that she would be out from the lockup early in the morning, and that she knew this policewoman quite well; Janet would at times joked at this police officer just to pass time.

After counting this policewoman passed a few times through her cell, Janet started to make fun of the police officer: “Hey, mam! Don’t you feel tired walking? Take a break!”

Of course this policewoman just casually replied: “Go to sleep and shut up!”

Another few rounds this policewoman passed in front of Janet and Janet saw a foggy substance gradually taken shape behind the policewoman…

Janet became curious, so she continued to observe the formation of this mysterious figure behind the policewoman as she walked passed her cell.

Slowly, this white fog transformed into the figure of a very pale yet thin man behind the policewoman. As the police officer was strolling, the ghostly figure pursued very closely behind. At one point, it suddenly turned its face toward Janet and gave her a sinister look while raised its left index finger and put it near its lips hinting Janet to keep quiet. Looked this ‘thing’ was up to something bad…

Feeling curious, Janet shouted at the policewoman again: “Mam! Do you know anyone short with a big mole on his cheek?”

“My ex who died a few years back had a mole on his cheek… what’s the matter?” Replied the policewoman.

“Oh, I saw him at your back maybe up to no good…” Said Janet half-jokingly.

The policewoman was annoyed: “If you talk nonsense again, you will stay for another night in this cell!”

Janet shrugged and kept her mouth sealed.

The next time Janet saw the policewoman passed by her cell, Janet saw the white figure already sitting on the policewoman’s shoulders! This lady officer constantly used her hands to rub against her shoulders as if feeling very uncomfortable.

Janet spoke again: “Mam, are you feeling okay?”

“Oh, just my old injuries…” The lady officer replied.

At this point, Janet felt very sleepy and dozed off until she was awakened by another policewoman, Fiona who was about to let Janet go.

Since Fiona and Janet were kind of acquainted, Janet stood up and feeling curious, she asked Fiona: “Where is the lady cop on duty last night?”

Fiona asked curiously: “She fainted onto the floor before dawn so I was called to take over her duty. Since when do you pay so much attention to an officer?”                                                                                                                                    

Janet shrugged and said: “Believe it or not, I saw her boyfriend rode on her shoulders last night!”

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