Monday, November 28, 2016

Restless High School Students (不安分的高中生)

This is a story told by a friend, Kenny who studied in a high school in Melbourne, Austria some 20 years ago.

It was said that two high school students, one Austrian and one Indonesian were attacked and killed by a few drunkards in the school hostel cafeteria and toilet at night when they were performing revision for their term examinations. Since the murder of those two unfortunate students, their restless souls were said to be haunting the school hostel ever since. Other students claimed to have seen the apparitions wandering in the hostel at night and rumour has it that whoever seen the ghosts, they would follow the one who noticed their presence and play pranks of this unfortunate people.

When Kenny first stayed in the students’ hostel, his friends warned him about not to go to the hostel cafeteria and the toilet especially at night as both places were believed to be haunted. One night, Kenny had to use the cafeteria toilet in the middle of the night because the hostel toilet was being closed for repair. After Kenny has relieved himself and as he walked back to the hostel, his roommate Daniel claimed to have seen two bloody figures followed very closely at Kenny’s back as he returned to their room.

Daniel immediately evacuated the room and put up with the guys next door for the night leaving Kenny alone for the night. Somewhere after midnight, Kenny heard some scratching noise came from a wooden closet as if someone or something were scratching the closet door with sharp objects. He thought that must be the rats so he jumped up from his bed and switched on the light and opened the closet door but found nothing was there.

Kenny then returned to his bed to sleep. Not a moment too soon, just as Kenny had pull over the blanket; he heard disembodied knocking came from all four sides, top and bottom. Feeling agitated and curious, Kenny pulled down the blanket which was covering his head. As soon as he done so, he felt some cold air was blowing into his left ear as if someone was breathing very closely beside him. Then he heard a disembodied voice: “Don’t think I will let you go even you can’t see me…”

This time Kenny felt an invisible force has bound him in his bed and he couldn’t move. Then tow bloody faces came before him. Both of those faces started to press against Kenny’s face and they seemed to continue to smell his face and then used their tongues to leak all over his body. At this point, Kenny said that he was as if laying on a piece of ice block but there was nothing he can do but to pray. Both ghosts only left Kenny alone before day breaks. As recalled by Kenny, that particular night was his most unforgettable night because it was his first encounter with the supernatural. And, also for the first time in his life; Kenny was harassed by these two spirits.

Right after Kenny’s eerie encounter in the school hostel, he became seriously sick and his parents thought it would do Kenny good if he could return to Penang for recuperating. So, Kenny had to end his study in Melbourne short and returned home.

At first Kenny thought he could kiss both molester ghosts goodbye by leaving the high school. Unfortunately speaking, both ghosts followed Kenny back to Penang and continued to haunt him an another few months. Luckily speaking, there were many masters helping Kenny to get rid of the spirits. According to one master, both ghosts followed Kenny back by hiding themselves inside Kenny’s suitcase when he was packing his belongings in the hostel room.

After both ghosts were apprehended and Kenny recovered from his sickness, he returned to Melbourne to complete with his studies. Up till today, Kenny still wonders why he was picked by both of the ghosts as there were hundreds of students around. The only scapegoat is just ‘bad luck’.

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