Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stories From Paramedic (救护员的故事)

Paramedics can tell you many ghost stories too.

A friend of mine, John who serves as a paramedic with Red Cross told me some of his strange encounters while on emergency duties.

According to John, many times victims of automobile accidents don’t know they are dead perhaps because the death came very suddenly; and that their minds were still active thinking of something else. The most vulnerable time for an automobile driver would be around 3am to 5am; and very strangely speaking too, most of these fatal accidents would happen just before the victims reached home…

One night, the local emergency unit received an emergency call concerning an accident happened on highway heading to Ipoh. John was on duty so he and his fellow paramedics rushed to the rescue. Sadly, the driver who was a middle aged man died on the way to the Ipoh hospital. Once the ambulance arrived at the hospital, they carried the body to the emergency unit for a medical doctor to do further examinations.

As soon as the man’s body was off loaded from the ambulance, John turned his back to close the ambulance doors. Suddenly, he saw another man similar to the deceased sat in the ambulance without any facial expressions looking at John! John rubbed his eyes and when he looked into the ambulance again, the man has vanished… Maybe it was the restless soul of the deceased who was not aware he has died earlier.

In another midnight accident, John and his colleagues were rushed to attend to victims of a freak accident. A drunk driver’s car rammed over a flyover and the call took a 30 feet free fall. The victim was seriously hurt and unconscious when he was sent to the hospital emergency unit. After John and buddies have done their duties, they sat outside of the emergency unit to take a short rest.

Just as when the paramedics were chatting, suddenly the door in front of them was being pushed open. And, the victim whom John has just pushed into the emergency unit came out from the operation theatre. All of the paramedics stared with the victim and they thought the victim was okay. However, before John wanted to congratulate the guy; he suddenly vanished into thin air! Later, John learnt from the doctor on duty that the man had died on the operation theatre earlier.

It is a customary procedure for a paramedic to give an accident victim a quick check up of his/her condition on arrival to the scene. During one rainy night, John and his gang again was called to assist a lady who was unconscious suspected of drug overdosing. Upon arrival, John first check the lady’s pulse for possible heart beats and then looked into her eyes. After the quick diagnosis, the lady was rushed to the nearest hospital. Sadly, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

However, the story did not end here. During that night, John saw the ghost of the lady came to him and followed him for quite a while since. As narrated by John, the ghost has no facial expressions and she just looked straight in front of the air. Later a spirit medium told John that he shouldn’t have looked into the eyes of a dying person because the ghost of that person will follow whoever he/she sees before dying. It seems that dead souls would lost all of their life time memory and they would follow whom they looked at last.

So said, John has to do what a paramedic has to do to save lives. The lady ghost disturbed John for over 10 years before it decided to leave by its own for some unknown reason. Of course, as a paramedic; there is no room for John to be afraid of ghosts.

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