Sunday, November 13, 2016

When Love Turned Sour (当爱情变质时)

When two persons fall in love, then it is sweet. But when three persons fall in love; then there are many possibilities pending to how the three persons view their relationships. Of course, the ending would be quite different too according to the perspective of local culture and religion. Secular marriage law prohibits a person to marry more than one partner and there are certainly exceptions. When these three parties failed to tolerate each other; then divorce became the next option. So said, not everyone is willing to part peacefully as the marriage vow mentioned: “till death do we part” …

A lady introduced herself as Jane came to the Rinpoche for help. And, she admitted that she loved a married man, Eric and she has tried every means to get near Eric until she was successful in gaining Eric’s heart by hook or by crook. Eric’s wife, Jennifer knew Eric’s affair and she tried all her efforts to get Eric to return to her side but failed. Jennifer and Eric was originally filed for a divorce but the night before the couple goes to the court; Jennifer committed suicide by jumping through their bedroom window which was on the 12th floor and fell to her death.

The death of Jennifer certainly gave Eric a relief not only on the legal affairs but now he can officially marry Jane one year later. The happiness of Eric and Jane was short lived. About three months into their marriage, one night; Jane dreamed of Jennifer came to her with half flattened bloody face in a dream and she vowed revenge. After that Jane felt someone started to pull her long hair…

The next morning, Jane found a pinch of her hair fell beside her pillow. Then, Jane felt difficulty to eat and swallow as if someone was strangling her throat. Jane later visited a doctor and was told that she might be suffering esophageal cancer. A series of illnesses triggered Eric and Jane to feel that some supernatural force was at work. So, while following the doctor’s treatment program, they went all over the places to seek spiritual help. At first, the couple sought help with a spirit medium and was told that a vengeful red shirt lady ghost wanted to take the Jennifer’s life, but she cannot help Jennifer because this red shirt ghost was carrying an ‘arrest order’ from the Lord of Hell. Likewise, all Taoists who tried to help but that only aggravated Jennifer’s pain.

Finally, Eric’s friend who was a disciple of the Rinpoche recommended the couple to visit the Rinpoche as the last resort. Since the Lord of Hell or Yama can be defeated by Manjushri’s wrathful emanation: Yamantaka. So it is no harm to try to get a second opinion. A few days before the couple was to pay the Rinpoche a visit, Eric was involved in an accident and was bedridden. Hence leaving Jane to go alone to the Rinpoche alone.

As soon as Jane mentioned her predicaments to the Rinpoche, he took out his prayer beads and did a divination. Then the Rinpoche told Jane that she was bearing very heavy karma debt and this karmic debtor of hers wanted her life. Further, it is a big taboo in Buddhism to temper with one’s karmic issues. Hence, even the Rinpoche was hesitated to help. After Jane begged and kowtowed for a long time, the Rinpoche turned to me and said: “Since you are dealing with spirits, can you perform a Yamantaka fire puja for Jane? But, by doing so; your lifespan will be shortened. You owed Jane a favour in past life, but you can choose to do it or decline it as you wish.”

I hated this type of ‘yea or no’ requests, but I didn’t want to argue with the Rinpoche. Since Palden Lhamo is the dharma protector of Yamantaka, I asked the Rinpoche’s permission to wear the skull crown of Palden Lhamo to ask her to be the mediator between Jane and Jennifer’s ghost. This would be my second time wearing the skull crown, first time was to do a prediction for the Rinpoche and now to solve Jane’s personal issue.

As I sang Palden Lhamo’s mantra, I fell into a trance. According to what was told to me by other brother-in-dharma, Jennifer’s ghost was called up for negotiation. At first, the ghost insisted on seeking revenge; but Palden Lhamo only mentioned that it was Jennifer who was wronged against Jane in her past life first that she suffered the same consequence in this life. If Jennifer’s ghost insisted on the revenge, then Jane would also do the same. Then, there would be no ending.

Jennifer’s ghost silent for a long while and she finally agreed to Palden Lhamo’s mediation. Since, the ghost was willing to be delivered; I performed the Yamantaka fire puja to send Jennifer’s soul away. I supposed now Jennifer can really rest in peace. And, Jane’s suffering was also over as her doctor found Jane’s cancer has disappeared overnight. Having said so, Jane’s new problem had just started for Eric could not work due to his injuries and Jane has to take care of him for his life. Maybe that too, was Jane’s karma.

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