Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ghost Story From Down Under (澳洲的鬼故事)

I am intrigued if ghosts would appear differently in Australia. On second thought, maybe not.

Paul returned from Australia and when asked, he told me his weird experience when he was studying in Sydney.

While Paul was in Sydney, he stayed with a family from Hong Kong in a high class residential area. Most of the time Paul’s host family didn’t stay there except their youngest 18-year-old son, Eric who was taking undergraduate study. Since Eric’s parents would not be around for most of the time, Paul became Eric’s best companion. Since both of them studied in the same university, Eric who was given a car would give Paul a ride when both of them have the same lectures. Otherwise, Paul would have cycled to the university alone...

During one of the semester examinations, Paul was studying for his term paper in a room upstairs. It was nearly lunch time, Paul thought of making himself some sandwiches to fill his stomach. So, he went downstairs to get to the kitchen. When he passed the living room on his way to the kitchen, Paul saw a pair of legs rested on the tea table facing the TV set. The TV was switched on but no program was broadcasted. The screen only shown snowflake patterns indicating no broadcasting or channel not available at that time.

Paul couldn’t see who the pair of legs belonged to as the person was lying in a bench sofa whose body blocked by the sofa backrest. He thought that must be Eric as there were two of them staying in the house at that time. So, Paul called up to Eric: “Hey! Do you want some sandwiches? I am making some for myself…” Hearing no response, he thought Eric had fallen asleep. Without having a second thought, Paul decided to go on with making his meal.

After having lunch, Paul went upstairs and again he passed the living room. The legs were still rested on the tea table, Paul shrugged and ran up the staircase to continue with his revision. Perhaps after half an hour or so, Paul noticed a familiar car drove in to the car porch; it was Eric’s car alright. Since Paul’s room window was facing front, he could see whoever came into the house.

A few minutes later, sounds of people ascending the staircase was heard and then Eric came into Paul’s room. Paul turned his head and asked: “I thought I saw you watching TV in the living room?”

“Nay, mate. I went out early in the morning because the professor changed the lecture time this morning…” Eric answered while looking at his watch.

Paul was a little puzzled as he was quite sure he saw someone was sitting in the couch facing the TV set. Maybe Eric noticed Paul’s bewilderment, he continued to say:

“When my dad first bought the house, we saw garlics were being spread on the floor all over the house. The property agent didn’t want to say anything about the garlics… Sometimes the TV in the living room would be switched on for no apparent reasons. Once I was passing through the living room, I saw an Aussie kid sat in the sofa opposite that TV… I am sure you too have seen this kid or else you won’t give me that kind of expression!”

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