Monday, November 14, 2016

When Hell Broke Loose (当情况失控时)

If you are a collector of special types of Thai or Cambodian amulets, then you should pay particular attention with your collections. This condition applies to those kumanthong, lukkok, corpse oils or any forms of dead body related amulets. However, if you have kept a large quantity of Thai, Indonesian or even Taoist amulets; then you should also pay special attention to them too. The reason is that these items may bring down your luck.

The below is a real case happened to a collector in Hong Kong. Mr. Lee was an avid collector of Thai amulets with special interest in dried baby foetuses or corpse oils. Due to his business requirements, he travelled frequently to Thailand and hence he was able to collect all kinds of limited edition amulets that would be out of our imaginations. Over a period of 10 years, Lee has a collection of not less than 100 pieces of hard to find items.

When Lee got his first child who is a daughter, she was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and he suspected his daughter’s problem has something to do with those ghostly collections. Kumanthong and lukkok are known to be able to harm small children due to extreme jealousy. At the same time, Lee and his wife’s also suffered unknown health issues not to mention that both of them were having extreme bad luck. It was also when Mrs. Lee pregnant for a second time, he started to think if his kid spirits were the culprits of all their difficulties.

While Lee was still thinking on how to get rid of his collections, he and his wife started to hear sounds of ball bouncing in their living room in the middle of the night. TV and radio would be turned on suddenly but no one was in the living room then. One night, Lee was not feeling well. So, he woke up to get himself some medicine. When he inadvertently stared at the makeup mirror in the master bedroom, he saw the shadow of a kid about 7 to 8 years’ old in the reflection.

After a while, the pranks of these kid spirits became more serious, even Lee’s neighbour complaint of her dog used to chase a black shadow across her living room. Sometimes, a hand print of a child could be seen on cooked rice too. Sands and grass were also found inside the neighbour’s rice cooker. At one time, even Lee’s name card was somehow found in the neighbour’s bed which caused a big fight between the neighbour and her husband.

So, after experiencing a lot of problems and in order to avoid further misunderstandings with his neighbours; Lee decided to ask a Mao’shan master to get rid of those kid spirits. The ritual was a success and Lee’s problems were temporary solved. When I said temporary solved, I meant that the Mao’shan master has a peculiar habit of just to chase the spirits away and not to bind them in a container. According to this master whom I knew, he said that his master forbade him to catch those mischievous sprits. Maybe different lineages have different rules.


  1. I was once a collector of thai amulets including gumanthong and corpse oils. Regardless whether is yin or god amulets. Both do not bring any good luck to me but lots of unwanted troubles and obstacles until i decided to give all my thai god and yin amulets to those who are interested for FOC. Although, after given away my financial lucks do not improve, but one thing for sure unwanted troubles have shy away from me. My summary is, those amulets bring nothing but harm more than good especially the yin amulets. As i have observe for quite sometime, those thai monks and archan that made yin amulets, they themselves never wear those amulets instead they wear god amulets as protector while telling devotees the yin amulets are very good in helping and bring good. All bullshits. $$$ only is real shits in their mind

    1. Hahaha! Finally you have seen the light! ;-)

    2. Master liew, may i know what you mean large quantity of taoist amulets will not bring good as well? What are those 'taoist amulet' master liew refer to? Is it too many god statues pray in a house, or own many differences taoist talismans and so fort! Will be appreciated if master liew can elaborate more. Tq

    3. Basically too many paper and cloth talismans (fu), statues or taoist items such as swords, incense burners, bagua etc are not good for a decent living. These items will cause injuries, quarrels and sickness; in addition to bad luck. We only need basically one god/goddess, one ancestor template (if any), a heaven god (for Hokkian) and maybe an earth god. That shall be sufficient. Amulets have a life span and need to be empowered every year. Otherwise, when the power faded, spirits will attach onto them and bring bad luck.

  2. Fully understood. Thank you very much master liew