Friday, November 4, 2016

That Secretary Downstairs (楼下的秘书)

Lily is a secretary of an investment company located in a multi-story building in the heart of KL finance centre.

One morning, Lily was a little late for work so she hurriedly on her way while crossing her fingers that her boss would also be late as usual. A big plus for a secretary for big boss is that she would know almost all details of her boss and takes this information to her advantage.

When Lily finally arrived at the building reception hall, she was a little calmer as there was no sign that her boss had checked in to work yet. So, Lily walked to the lift lobby to get a lift. Less than a minute later, the lift arrived and Lily stepped into the lift compartment. As she was turning around, Lily noticed a nice lady also rushed into the lift. By Lily’s hunch, the lady must also be a secretary of some VIP judging from her attires.

Politely, Lily asked the lady: “Which floor please?”

The lady replied: “14th floor. Thank you very much.”

Lily nodded politely and started the conversation: “I have not seen you around. You must be new here? I am Lily working with Mayflower Capital Investment on the 15th floor.”

Lady: “Oh, I am Linda. I am an old timer here. My company is the Sunshine Trading on the 14th floor.”

In a jiffy, the lift arrived at 14th floor, and Linda stepped out. Feeling curious, Lily too followed Linda’s step and exited the lift. Lily was curious about this Sunshine Trading as she has not heard the company before since she started work with Mayflower two years ago. Further, Lily figured that her boss must be drunk again and he would not show his face before lunch. So, she has a lot of time to find out more about this old timer Linda.

Lily started the conversation: “I need some exercise, let me walk you to your company… maybe we can have lunch together later?”

Linda smiled politely but kept silent. Both of them walked to a corner where the Sunshine Trading Company was situated. Looking through the glass door, no one was at the office yet. As Linda went into her office, Lily too started to proceed to her company.

As what Lily has expected, her boss was not in the office.  So she could take her sweet time to go about her business as usual. Then Madam Yao knocked on Lily’s door and then she came in. Before Madam Yao could speak anything, Lily asked: “Hey, Madam Yao. Since you have been working fairly long with this company, do you know a secretary by the name Linda downstairs?”

Madam Yao stunned for a while and finally uttered some very soft words: “Linda whom I knew committed suicide in that office block three years ago because her boss wanted to break their secretary-boss love affairs. Linda returned to the office one Friday night and consumed a large quantity of sleeping pills. Her bolted and decaying corpse was discovered by an office worker after 5 days’ long holiday. Maggots were crawling all over the place.

Linda’s restless spirit started to haunt that office ever since. Her boss can’t stand the pestering of the ghost and sold his office. Now the office block is owned by Moonlight Travel Agency… We all thought Linda’s ghost was gone with her boss but unexpectedly it is still around…”

Feeling disbelieved, Lily managed to persuade Madam Yao to go with her to down to the 14th floor. Indeed, the signboard in front of the office block in the corner where Lily bid Linda goodbye less than an hour ago is now Moonlight Travel Agency. Baffled and disbelieved, Lily returned to her office. According to Lily, a few days later while she was parking her newly bought car, she accidentally stepped onto the accelerator and her new car rammed into her boss’s new Mercedes Benz…

Was it the working of Linda? We probably would not know.

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