Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hotel Room 1408 (房间1408号)

Lina’s hubby Richard was an antique dealer. She always follows her hubby to go to Macau. While Richard was going to various villages to collect antiques, Lina would shop in Macau and stay in a hotel cum casino run by her friend, Jess. Normally Lina’s stay would be relatively peaceful until she stayed in Room 1408.

About 10 years ago, Lina and Richard went to Macau again and stayed in Room 1408. Normally, Richard would spend a few days doing his business while living Lina alone doing shopping or visiting Jess. This time, something went wrong as soon as Lina checked into Room 1408.

As soon as Lina went into the room, she immediately felt immense headache and consequently she had to lay in the bed to rest. As Lina was resting, she heard a voice whispered beside her ear: “If you feel so painful, why not just jump down from the window and put an end to your miserable life?”

Feeling awkward, Lina then murmured to herself as how to open the window and jump from 14th floor since there was no window but a piece of large glass panel. Interestingly, the disembodied voice said again: “You can take the stool by the table to shatter the glass and jump down…”

Of course, Lina didn’t follow the voice’s advice because she was too sick to get up from the bed and she thought the voice she heard was only her vivid imagination.

After lying in her bed for one day and Lina’s headache worsened, she went to the hotel’s panel doctor for medications. After some preliminary check-ups the doc found Lina maybe suffered from flu. So, the doc gave Lina an injection and some medicine for her to rest. Lina’s condition didn’t improve so she visited another doctor down the street and being told the same thing: she was having flu. All in all, Lina had visited 5 doctors on a roll within one day.

During the night, Jess invited Lina to have dinner with her and to catch up in a local restaurant. As soon as Lina went out of the hotel, a car suddenly lost control and rammed into a wall just nearly missed her by a few yards. Four persons were killed in the freak accident.

After the dinner with Jess, Lina returned to Room 1408 to rest. It was time for Lina to check out at 12 noon but Lina didn’t go to the hotel front desk. So, the hotel manager went to Room 1408 to check on her condition. Apparently Lina has overslept and only to be awakened by the hotel manager’s door bell. In a state of totally untidy and sleepy condition with her pyjamas still on; Lina opened the room door…

Looking at Lina’s situation, the manager seemed to understand what Lina was facing; so he reassured that Lina can take her time to check out as there is no rush. After sending the manager off, it took Lina another 4 hours to get herself ready. As recalled by Lina, there seemed to be an invisible force preventing she from stepping out of the Room 1408 for every step she took would be as heavy as lifting a 100kg weight.

Eventually Lina had to be half dragged and half propped by Richard to complete the checkout process. It took the couple another hour or so just to get from Room 1408 to the hotel front desk. According to Lina, it was as if performing a tug-of-war with an invisible force. Though some hotel housekeeping folks wanted to help, but Lina thought she must fight the force herself.

As soon as Lina and Richard stepped out from the hotel, a hotel worker told Lina that the Room 1408 was haunted by a lady who hung herself in the room after losing a lot of money in the casino a few years ago. Normally Room 1408 would not be rented out due to many people being disturbed by this restless hung ghost. It still baffles Lina as why Jess recommended her to stay in the room which already known to be haunted.

When Lina asked me about her ordeal with Room 1408, my replied was very simple: just ask the receptionist to change another new room.

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