Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Good Luck Guide (幸运指南)

A few years ago, I had afternoon tea with a few businessmen from Hong Kong. And all of those present were successful business folks except me. So, I asked about their advices concerning how to become lucky other than hardworking.

Uncle Chan said: “I make sure that there is one clothing I wear is not new or even torn. I would even put a hole in my underwear and wear it throughout the year and, I asked my children and wife to do the same. We are blessed up till these days.”

Uncle Lee said: “I would try to break an old item in my house every year and created a small loss. By doing so, I had in fact avoided many losses or in worse cases; I had cut my losses to the minimum.”

Aunty Fiona said: “I would celebrate my birthday every year when my business was not doing so good. Since I am having good luck on a row for a few years now, I would not celebrate my 60th birthday this year and the next.”

And the list can just go on and on. But what is the essence of what Uncle Chan, Uncle Lee and Aunty Fiona had said?

Well, everything can simply be summed up to: “You cannot have a perfect life.”

This is in accordance to I Ching too: When an affair has developed to its fullest, it will take a downturn and start from the bottom. The I Ching hexagram ‘splitting apart’ (山地剥) would be followed by ‘recovery’ (地雷复). So the Chinese would try to prevent anything from getting to its maximum and collapses. One of the way to prevent devastating failure to one’s luck is to make sure that his/her luck would never reach the maximum allowable limit.

In old days, there was an old Taoist sect known as the ‘Torn Shirt Sect’ (破衣教) where all of the followers must wear torn clothing throughout their lives. Such act was to prevent the practitioners from feeling contented by their accomplishments and hence attracted bad luck instead. Other types of Taoist Sects may require their disciples to swear on having a shorter life span and no offspring for the rest of the life. All of the above only meant to ‘force’ down the followers’ luck after they had learnt Taoist magic that was supposed to boost their luck. This is actually an effort to balance the law of nature.

There are just too many examples nowadays when people are having good foods, excellent houses, cars, partners, clever children and etc. and they are not happy as what entailed their wealth are their poor health, cash flow problems and a series of mishaps. A very good example was my former department manager after being promoted to the height of his career, he suddenly suffered from double kidney failures and he had to give up everything he had fought for.

I tried those advises from the rich Hong Kong rich ones and it worked for me at least that I do not have too much problems in my life to date. Of course, I cannot guarantee the method would work for you too. But, if you think you are having bad luck for many years; why not just give it a try? Of course, if you are amongst the top few multi-billionaires; then you are exempted as losing a few millions of dollars is only a chicken feed to those few lucky ones. But for ordinary folks like you and me, can you imagine that we lost one million dollars overnight? So, don’t complaint.

Of course, other methods to increase luck is to do charity works and donate blood. Whatever choices you choose: good luck or bad luck that is entirely up to you.

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