Friday, November 4, 2016

The Granny (老婆婆)

Actually, the West has its fair share of ghost stories too. Many ghostly encounters by local Malaysian students were told to me after they returned to homeland. I will share some of those ghostly they encountered in foreign lands just to make my ghost story collection more complete.

Jenny returned from US a year ago and she told me her personal ghost story during her last Christmas eve in US:

Jenny stayed with an American family in a double story wooden house of about 3,000 square feet in Ohio while she studied in a university nearby. In normal days, the family of four would stay upstairs while Jenny stayed in a small room downstairs. This is for the convenience of Jenny as she could enter and exit her room through the backdoor without disturbing her host.

It was the habit of Jenny’s landlord to travel to a nearby town for the Christmas and New Year celebrations leaving Jenny herself all to herself. Likewise happened during Jenny’s last Christmas eve in US. With her landlord’s family gone, she sat alone in the living room reading novels. It was around 5pm and just as Jenny was about to prepare for her dinner, she heard some squeaking noise upstairs as if someone was walking around. Jenny sworn that she couldn’t have made a mistake as you know dried wooden floor can make quite loud squeaks when someone walks on it.

So, Jenny decided to go upstairs to investigate as she was warned by her host to keep the window and doors secure at all times due to recent occurrences of house break-ins. Flight by flight Jenny ascended the staircase until she got to the master bedroom. This is a place Jenny would not normally venture into. After some rounds of searching, she found no traces of intruders. Feeling satisfied, Jenny turned around and walked towards the staircase. Just as when Jenny turned her back, she heard a weak but audible sigh: “Hai…”

Jenny immediately turned her head but saw no one around. At the same time, Jenny’s phone rang, it was her boyfriend who called to wish her merry Christmas. So, Jenny thought it would be a good idea for her to get a company in view of a series of strange events. At this point, she has not thought of anything supernatural as yet. Of course, Jenny’s boyfriend quickly agreed and he suggested to bring Jenny out for a sightseeing trip so that Jenny would have a good memory of her last Christmas eve when she returned home. He promised Jenny that he will be around in half an hour’s time.

Soon Jenny heard the noise of car engine approaching and halted in front of her house. She opened the door and ran towards the car to welcome her boyfriend. Suddenly the guy opened the car door and shouted at Jenny: “Hey, Jenny! Are you bringing your landlord’s mother as well?”

Jenny abruptly turned her head and saw an old lady stood right behind her without any facial expressions! Panicked, Jenny jumped into the car, slammed shut the door and the car sped away… Both of them only dared to return the next morning.

When Jenny’s landlord returned after the long vacation, it was time for Jenny to leave too; so her landlord volunteered to send Jenny to the Airport. And after Jenny bided farewell to her landlord for the last time, she suddenly remembered the old lady and asked: “Was there an old granny staying in that house before?”

A little astonished that Jenny brought up such a question, the man bit his lower lip and then said: “Oh, that was my mother… she died on Christmas eve a few years ago. I thought she has moved to the other side. Is she still around?”

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