Sunday, November 20, 2016

Possessed In Pattaya Hotel (旅店鬼上身记)

A newlywed couple, Roy and Mary went to Pattaya for their honeymoon. They stayed in a two-story budget hotel near seaside. As recalled by Mary, the moment she checked into their hotel room, she felt something was not quite right as the moment they opened the door, a chair was already blocking the door. It took the couple quite a while to force entry into the room. This is the first time I heard such incident happened to a hotel guest but I would let Mary to continue her story.

According to Mary, the moment she has settled in that room, the normally timid and quiet her suddenly started a big quarrel with Roy. In a gist of fury, Mary even torn down Roy’s passport. Roy was certainly very upset and he went out of the hotel and walked towards the beach to calm his mind. Just as when Roy just left the hotel compound, Mary suddenly jumped from their second floor room and broke her legs. Subsequently she had to be hospitalised for one month.

Mary was later transferred to a hospital in Penang as the cost of treatment as a foreigner in Pattaya was very high. After some time of treatment and wasted a lot of money, Mary finally recovered. She seemed to have a memory lost concerning what she done during her honeymoon. Roy thought Mary was just having some emotional problems and he soon forget the unhappy experience.

One day, Mary’s parents came to Penang for a visit, Roy treated his in-laws to enjoy buffet dinner in a restaurant located at the top of Penang’s tallest building. It was an eye opening experience for Roy and his in-laws to see Mary practically devoured up all of the salad servings on the buffet tables as if she was hungry for a very long time! At this point, Roy was curious but he has not thought of anything wrong with Mary as yet. Furthermore, the rule of buffet dinner is to eat what you can with one price.

The next day, Roy and Mary sent their parents off in Penang International Airport. They met an old friend and they chatted casually. Suddenly, this friend took an interest at Mary’s face. She stared for a while and told the couple: “Did you notice that Mary’s face is as black as the bottom of a wok? Perhaps it would do her good to visit a monk for a prayer. Looks like Mary is perhaps having extremely bad luck or possessed by ghosts!”

Hearing the friend’s advice and after putting one to one together, the couple started to seek some religious and spiritual help. As I heard, it took Mary more than one year to get rid of the ghost that possessed her. Of course, I don’t doubt of Mary’s case. But this is my first time hearing story of a hotel guest being possessed by ghost. Normally, a ghost is normally bound to a particular hotel and it would not leave simply. Maybe this ghost that possessed Mary is a new breed that likes to travel.

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