Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fated (天命)

Many people think that a magician can summon up a murdered soul and ask him/her concerning the murder case that has taken his/her life. I am sorry to say that this is not possible.

Normally, when a person is killed violently, its soul would lose its memory and it shall linger around where the murder case had taken place. During this time, this dead soul can’t even remember its own name and where it stayed during lifetime. So, it is certainly impossible for he/she to have remembered who took his/her life. This is the best time for a sorcerer to bind this dead soul as it behaves like a new born baby, and that it is easier to be trained. If the deceased’s relatives didn’t perform the soul calling ceremony (招魂), then there will be no chance for this lost soul to be delivered to the other side.

Some people let their love ones wear red clothing and holding scissors in their hands in the hope that the deceases can turn into vengeful ghosts and kill their murderers. Again, I am sorry to say that this is also not possible. First reason is mentioned above where this dead soul cannot remember who has taken its life. The second reason true to both cases is that even this dead soul has successfully transformed into a vengeful red shirt ghost and knows who is its killer; this ghost still cannot seek revenge.

I have tried to follow a murder case in my meditation but halted by the word: ‘fated’ (天命). Perhaps the Buddhists would call it the cause and effect (因果). No supernatural powers can break the barrier of karma; and that is certainly a full stop.

There certainly are cases where people with 6th senses that can provide clues for the authority to apprehend those wrong doers, but such cases are extremely rare nowadays.

Maybe you would feel indignant when no justice can be done, I supposed this seemingly hopeless situation can be illustrated with Aunt Maryann’s story:

Aunt Maryann had a very good friend, Richard who disappeared for a few days and no one seemed to be able to find him. One night, Aunt Maryann had a dream. She dreamed of Richard came to Aunt Maryann that he was drowned in a small stream near Maxwell Hill. Richard further said that he was murdered and asked Aunt Maryann to help to look for his wallet which had fallen on the bank of the stream. Richard wanted Aunt Maryann to get his late wife’s photo from the wallet and burnt it together with some joss paper…

When Aunt Maryann woke up the next morning, the news of Richard’s body was indeed found on the said spot by some anglers. Then Aunt Maryann asked the investigating police officer to look for Richard’s wallet on a secluded area of the stream. That too was found by the police officer…

After Aunt Maryann gotten the photo Richard had asked for, she burnt the photo in front of Richard’s coffin in a funeral parlour where Richard’s body was temporary placed.

On that night, Aunt Maryann dreamed Richard again appear to her and thanked her for finding the photo he requested. According to Richard, now he can rest-in-peace together with his late wife. Then Aunt Maryann asked Richard who was his killer. Surprisingly Richard responded: “I cannot say.”

Of course, Aunt Maryann’s story is not the single case. My friends and I did some experimentations to call up some of those dead souls of murdered victims. Surprisingly speaking, most of those dead souls either sobbing or weeping sorrowfully and shook their heads. In fact, none of those ghosts; red shirt or otherwise have revealed the identity of their killers. Whatever reason these ghosts might have, maybe it is best for them just move on to the other side ASAP.

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