Monday, November 21, 2016

Missing Worker Told His Story (失踪的工人)

As I was told by John, my Thai friend that many of those houses located near Thai and Myanmar borders are built by Myanmar workers. Normally these workers bring along their family members to live in the house they are building and they would only leave upon the completion of the houses. John has many houses that are built by Myanmar workers. These group of people are hardworking folks but some of them like to drink. Once drunk, then these workers willing to fight and kill amongst themselves even because of very trivial matters.

A few years ago, John hired a few Myanmar workers to build a double story house for him near Thailand borders. As usual these workers brought their family to stay in the house they constructed. Somewhere in the middle of the house building work and right after a long holiday season, a worker together with his wife and a child went missing without noticed. No one knows of the family’s whereabouts and other workers thought they had returned to Myanmar. So, new worker was hired to replace the missing one so that the construction deadline would be met.

On the night of the resume of construction work, other Myanmar workers who stayed in the semi-finished house heard voices of child crying and woman yelling for help came from upstairs. The workers went up to investigate but found nothing. Two days later, black liquid with extreme foul smell dripped from seams of wooden floor tile of the upstairs bedroom where the missing Myanmar family used to stay.

Due to curiosity, the other workers removed the floor tiles of that particular room and there they found the decomposing bodies of the Missing Myanmar worker, his wife and child. Looked like the trio were murdered. But since there were lack of evidences and due to many illegals come and went through the border every day; the case was largely ignored.

Since the killing of the Myanmar family, those workers who stayed in the house claimed to have heard eerie voices of woman and child crying for help at night. Some workers sworn they heard disembodied voice singing songs near their ears. Some even claimed that their legs being pulled by an invisible force causing them to fall face down in the house they were building. Gradually, no one was willing to continue with the building of John’s house. New workers hired wouldn’t last for one week or so and consequently John’s house was abandoned.

Last year, John wanted to revive his abandoned project for his nephew. So he went to the house to inspect. When John was going up the staircase and as soon as he reached the 1st floor, he felt his legs were pulled by some force from behind causing him to topple face down. As recalled by John, once he was down on the floor; he just laid paralyzed on the spot but he could barely turn his head sideway so that he could breath. There seemed to be an invisible force draining all his strengths while pressing him down.

Then, a ghostly scene appeared before John: the missing Myanmar worker was drinking beer with a young man and after a while, both men became quite drunk and suddenly a quarrel broke out between the two. In a gist of fury, this young man pulled out a knife and stabbed John’s worker repeatedly for many times until he laid in a pool of blood. Then the killer went to the bedroom to kill the victim’s wife and child who tried to save themselves by hiding in a closet.

After the killing, the killer hid the bodies under the floor tiles. After the killer managed to clean up the place, he turned his head to face John as if wanted to take John’s life too. That was the most familiar face of John’s another young Myanmar worker who was fired because of theft. Panicked, John struggled with all his might to free himself. Due to extremely fright, he was finally able to yelled out loudly and then fainted.

When John was finally regained consciousness, his son, Ron was at his side. Ron said that since his father had gone out for quite a while, worried of his father’s safety; his mother asked Ron to go to the house to investigate. There Ron found his father was lying like a log on the upstairs floor. When he approached his father, John just struggled as if he has seen a ghost and just as when Ron touched his shoulders; John yelled frantically and passed out.

After John’s scary experience, the double story house was being left alone once more. I visited John and he brought me to that haunted house and told me his story. However, I didn’t feel anything too scary there though it was quite creepy to enter a house with such a tragic history.

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