Friday, November 18, 2016

The Fated Celebrated Helper (命中贵人)

There one type of person who can change your life with just a few sentences, and this type of person is known as your fated celebrated helper.

An actress friend of mine once told me that she is very much in debt to another friend because this friend’s one sentence saved her life. One day, this actress was scheduled to travel to China by flight but her friend asked this actress not to travel on that particular night due to some personal reasons. Normally this actress would just push aside this friend’s request as both of them weren’t that close. Somehow, the actress took her friend’s advice and delayed her departure just one day.

Unfortunately speaking, the flight that this particular actress was supposed to be on never reached its destination until today. Nobody knows what happened to this plane with its full load of passengers though there are many theories surfaced and resurfaced. This lucky actress said that had it not because of her friend’s advice, she probably would not be able to talk to me now. Since then, this actress treated this friend as if her VIP.

In another case happened to a Hong Kong celebrity is also equally bizarre. Let’s call this celebrity Steve.

Steve has an uncle suffered from 3rd stage cancer and dying in a hospital. The doctor told Steve that he had better to make preparations as the patient may die any moment.

So, Steve contacted all the uncle’s family member and relatives to come and perhaps visit his uncle for the last time when he is still alive. As a result, many people came to see his uncle who was already in a state of comma.

During one of those visiting sessions, a lady brought her 3-year-old daughter to come to pay Steve’s uncle a visit. As always, the little girl has no idea of the old man was dying. She was just told to say ‘goodbye’ to her senior relative. So, this little girl naively raised her little hand and waved at this patient and literally said ‘bye-bye’. Suddenly, the little lady cried out loud and rushed towards the person’s feet and stroke at the thin air with her hands while yelling out loud: “Let go! Let Go! You naughty horse and cow!!”

The commotion caused a little stirrup in the hospital and the nurse in charged quickly came and told the little girl to be quiet as other patients need rest. Apolitically the mother quickly carried her little daughter away from the sick bay. When the mother and daughter was finally outside of the hospital building, the little girl told her mother: “Mummy, I just chased away one bad horse and one bad cow. They were pulling the uncle’s legs and they didn’t want to let the uncle sleep!”

The mother of caused just brushed aside her daughter’s words as she was only a small kid with her vivid imaginations.

Strangely speaking too, Steve’s uncle gradually recovered from his cancer since the commotion. A few weeks later, he was discharged as no more cancer cell was discovered. Even the doctor was baffled by the sudden recovery of the old man.

I could only say that it wasn’t the time yet for the actress and Steve’s uncle; else no one can stop death.

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