Thursday, November 17, 2016

Even Sifu Will Be Damned Too (大师也完蛋)

Most people think when comes to ghost matters, they should just throw their issues into the hands of a master; sit tight and wait for good news. Such scene only occurs in the movie realistically speaking. There are many times even a sifu (master) will have problems too when comes to dealing with genuine spiritual cases, luckily speaking 99% of the so-called hauntings are merely peoples’ hallucinations.

Normally only success stories of a sifu are being told while those unsuccessful ones are being hid under the carpets. Now, I am going to tell you a story in that even a sifu can be damned with seemingly simple haunting:

I know a Mao’shan sifu known as Master Look who was once quite active in Sungai Petani area many years ago. Unfortunately speaking, this Master Look is now being known as ‘Crazy’ Look since the last incident he handled didn’t go very well…

About 20 years ago, Master Look’s daughter Helen invited a few of her friends to play Ouija board in her house when they came over to spend a night during school holidays. Master Look wasn’t at home then as he had to go outstation to do some rituals. Despite being warned many times as not to temper with Ouija board, the ladies continued to ignore the warnings. One of the reason was perhaps Helen’s father is a Mao’shan master and he can take care of the ladies when in need…

So, four of the ladies started with the game. They first drew some letters on a piece of blank paper and then a piece of coin was placed in the centre of the paper to let the spirit to rest on it. When everything was ready, each of the players put their index fingers onto the surface of the coin and start inviting spirits.

After a while the coin started to move as usual and the questioning and answering session thus begun. In the middle of the game, a big bang in the room startled the ladies and they all retracted their fingers simultaneously. Now, this is a big taboo to lift any of the fingers before the spirit is being asked to leave. The reasons are that spirit may stay with anyone of the players, also; the act of suddenly lifting hands from the paper is very rude to the spirit so to speak.

As soon as the ladies lifted their fingers, a strange black image started to surface on a wall opposite to the ladies. The image looked like a man and no matter how those ladies tried to scrubbed on the wall, the black image could not be removed. So, the ladies tried to push a cupboard hoping to hide this strange image and hope that Master Look would not discover what they have done.

A day later, Master Look returned his house and found Helen acted very strangely. No matter what he asked, Helen would just shake her head. So, Master Look tried to go to his altar to ask for spiritual guidance; but found that his altar was in a mess as if someone has ransacked the place. Having no choice, Master Look called me and asked my help to perform a divination. So I did what he asked and found that he and Helen were in danger because of demonic intrusion.

I warned Master Look of potential danger and advised him not to tackle the creature alone with ordinary ghost busting ritual. Instead, he should use the Mao’shan ritual for getting rid of mountain spirits (山精) and that more help would be needed. Since I was out of the country then, I called other Mao’shan brothers to help.

A few weeks later, I returned to Penang and I was told that Master Look and Helen became insane and were sent to a mental asylum in Tanjung Rambutan for treatment. A brother said that Master Look want to save his face, he refused his help and tried the exorcism ritual alone without knowing all his guardian spirits had left his altar. Without protection from his gods and gurus; Master Look became an easy pray for the unknown spirit he was facing. So this spirit possessed Master Look and made him crazy along with his daughter too. Helen gradually returned to herself a year later but Master Look remained as Crazy Look ever since.

I am not aware what happened to Crazy Look nowadays because I have not involved in Mao’shan magic for a long time now. This story is to remind everyone that even a master can be vulnerable to spiritual attack at times too even the master is very careful, people around him might not.

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