Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Borrowing Fates (借仙借运)

Borrowing fates is not some Chinese specific rituals meant to temporarily boost a person’s luck. Of course, the Chinese may be more detailed than others. Basically, there are two types of borrowing fate rituals: the first is the life foundation (生基) and the second is what the insiders call ‘borrowing fairies’ (借仙). When correctly done, with a good life foundation, a person can enjoy about 40 years of ‘new luck’. The problem is that with current rapid developments, it is exceedingly difficult to find a good place which would not be disturbed for 40 years.

In view of this, some sorcerers devised a ritual called ‘small foundation’ (小生基).  Instead of finding an actual auspicious location in mountain ranges, people’s personal effects are buried into an incense burner and this incense burner is put in the sorcerer’s altar. When incenses are burnt on the incense burner every day, then it is believed that the person’s luck would change as he indirectly absorbs the energy from those incense. Having said so, whatever this person absorbed would only be the contaminated chi of that particular altar.

Yet another type of fate borrowing ritual is known as ‘borrowing fairies’. This borrowing fairies’ ritual is similar to the Indonesian version of ‘khodam’ (servitor spirits). This practice is almost similar to spirit possession except that so-called ‘helpful’ spirits are consciously made to attach to a person; normally an artist to boost his/her luck in entertainment world generally speaking. I have seen similar service being offered in the West where jinn are bound to a person for almost anything; from luck to bravery etc.

This type of practices was once popular in Hong Kong around 80’s to 90’s. Of course, borrowing fairies is not a fool proved system. A so-called fairy is an entity of free will, when it is summoned to possess a person; it will change the personality of the host or causes the host to have a split personality. I have not done this type of ritual, but according to my Taoist master that there are many side effects.

Once, a lesser known actress known as Shirley came to my master to ask for borrowing fairy ritual to boost her luck. Shirley already had a fiancé at that time but after the fairy which was a fox spirit possessed Shirley, her character changed completely from a shy and conservative lady to an open minded and sexy woman. This abrupt change gave Shirley a temporal fame and a small fortune but she broke off with her fiancé for some seemingly trivial reasons.

When enquired, Shirley said that the fox spirit didn’t like her fiancé and it wanted Shirley to break off from the man. According to Shirley, her pet dogs would die very often for unknown reasons too just because the fox spirit hated dogs. Further, when Shirley’s young niece came for a short visit; black and green spots would appear on the little girl’s body as if being pinched by someone. Because of this issue, Shirley’s sister thought Shirley was abusing her child and they had a big fight.

Knowing her conditions were getting worse and that Shirley’s luck wasn’t anywhere better than before after a while, Shirley wanted her old life back. She finally revisited my master to request for the removal of the fox spirit. According to Shirley, it took her three attempts just to step into my master’s temple. She had car accidents during her first two attempts to visit my master. And it took 5 people to drag and push Shirley into the temple.

Luckily, the fox spirit was finally coaxed out from Shirley’s body and then it was then imprisoned in an earth urn for good. It is actually not easy to exorcise this type of spirits as they can read the mind of their hosts which made the detection of their presence difficult; and it is also especially hard to secure a person with split personality. The reason is that a lady who is seeking help could suddenly shout out as if being molested; then it would be a big problem with the master. This is the reason why I would shy away from treating spirit possession issues. My take is that it is better safe than sorry.

On the other hand, the Khodams invoked through specific rituals such as Tenaga Dalam etc. has the similar aspect as above The most notable effect is that the person would get angry very quickly sometimes unprovoked. If anyone who is practising jinn conjurations or khodam magic, and he/she finds difficult to control his/her emotions; then it is time to stop the practices and seek help.

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