Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Night In Macau (在澳门一夜)

During last Ghost Month, Cynthia and her parents went to Macau casino for a stay with their free-and-easy Macau package.

They checked in a hotel cum casino upon arrival. After dinner, Cynthia’s parents went to the casino to try their luck. Since Cynthia was not interested in gambling, she has chosen just to walk around the place. After a while, she felt tired and retired back to her hotel room. It is her habit to take a shower before sleeping, so Cynthia proceeded to the bathroom. As she was washing her face, she found that the reflection of the mirror looked very dim although the bathroom was quite brightly lighted.

As usual, Cynthia pulled out the shower curtain to prevent the water from wetting all over the bathroom. While Cynthia was showering, she noticed a black figure moving in the background. Though a little frightened, Cynthia continued with her shower as she thought it might just be her own vivid imagination. As soon as Cynthia done showering, she pulled away the curtain and to her surprised; she found the surface of the mirror covered with a thick layer of water vapour with a word ‘HELP!’. There were two things lingered in Cynthia’s mind: since she was taking a cold shower, theoretically not much water vapour should be developed on the mirror; then who wrote the word ‘HELP!’?

Both questions were quickly forgotten as Cynthia developed a sudden headache and she could just lay flat in her bed. Suddenly, there was a series of knockings on the room door followed by the turning of the door handle as if someone was trying to force himself in. At the same time, Cynthia felt a great pressure suddenly fallen on her and she couldn’t move her body at all. Then a scene appeared in front of Cynthia…

A woman looked like a social escort came into the room panicked, then a man was at her back with a machete as if in hot pursuit. Then the woman tripped and fell onto the floor and the man slashed the woman repeatedly. The begging and yelling voices of the woman echoing in the room and in Cynthia’s ears but she could only watch with fright. After a while, the woman ceased to make noise and laid flat on the ground presumably dead. At this point, the man started to chop down the dead woman’s body into small pieces and he started to dispose the body pieces by throwing them into the toilet and continued to flush them down the drain…

As Cynthia kept watching the scene like watching a horror movie, suddenly she felt someone was pressing on her shoulders; she thought the killer had come for her. In a state of panic, she fainted. When Cynthia regained her consciousness, she found her parents stood by her side and her father spoke: “We saw you laid flat in the bed with eyes and mouth wide opened. When we approached you, you didn’t seem to notice our presence. But when I held your hands; your eyes suddenly rolled back and fainted. So, I called the room service for a doctor…”

When Cynthia was quite herself the next morning, her mother told her that a hotel housekeeping lady told her that the room they stayed in has seen a murder case where a woman was murdered. And, her body was cut to pieces. Some of her body parts were being flushed down the toilets. While the remainder of the body pieces were found under the bed. The murderer was a hotel guest who accused the woman of robbing his money.

Maybe the re-enactment of the murder scene was to show that the restless soul of the dead woman still cannot accept her tragic end.

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