Sunday, November 20, 2016

Old Kong Tao Story (降头的故事)

‘Kong Tao’ is a collective noun for Thai black magic. Due to much speculation, Kong Tao has once become the most feared form of black magic in Asia. Of course, nowadays, except the few still holding to the practice of Kong Tao; the Kong Tao has fast becoming a lost art. Pertaining to Kong Tao believes are many Kong Tao stories and movies perhaps still being circulated amongst local folks. Below is one story I heard from a friend in Ipoh:

Perhaps in the 70’s, a pretty young lady, May from Ipoh went to work in Singapore. A few months later, May’s parents lost contact with May and a manhunt exercise was carried out but of no avail. After a while, everyone has given up hope searching for May.

Another year passed, one of May’s distant relative, Lee saw May in a nightclub in Singapore. When Lee wanted to approach May, he suddenly saw an ugly old man approached May and brought her to a table of booze drinking people. Since May was appearing in sexy costumes and apparently she was not quite herself, Lee decided to perform a background investigation of the ugly old man before he decides on what to do.

After some detective work, Lee learnt that the ugly old man was known as Snakehead. Snakehead was quite a notorious Kong Tao master in Singapore during that time. His most powerful Kong Tao is love magic. It was said that whoever this Snakehead was interested, he can summon this lady to his side and obeys all his wishes. And Lee also found out that including May, there were 5 ladies working for Snakehead at the moment.

Since Snakehead was somehow affiliated with some gangsters around that particular area, Lee decided to take his time to approach May. At first, Lee would approach Snakehead to buy May out seemingly for escort service. His purpose was to get some time alone with May to find out her condition and sought help. After Lee was ascertained that May was under Snakehead’s love spell, he sought the help of another Kong Tao master.

According to the Kong Tao master, May’s mind was being controlled by Snakehead’s ghosts that comes with the corpse oil. So some counter magic was performed and the servitor ghost was captured into a bottle. After the Snakehead’s spell was broken, May was herself again and she was brought back to reunite with her parents in Ipoh.

As the story goes, once the Snakehead’s spell was broken, the other four ladies also left Snakehead almost all at once. It was later said that the Snakehead suffered a tragic ending where he was found dead in the back lane of the nightclub he used to appear; perhaps due to sickness and forsaken by his allies. What was sure was that the once rich Snakehead was penniless when he met his doom. People attributed Snakehead’s tragic ending to his pact with the devil, some said it was his extremely bad karma.

Maybe the Snakehead’s story was true, but I have not come across a really good love magic practitioner such as that of a Snakehead nowadays. Of course, there are still many boastful folks continue to talk big hiding in some forums for ‘self-pleasures’ or the local would call it as ‘syok sendiri’ (自摸自爽).


  1. As what i know so far, there are many prominent magic practitioners in thai chiangmai. Be it archan or monk from there, mostly the amulets produce are related to ghost, spirits, bone fragments, ashes, skulls and even panneng. Needless to mention corpse oils. They did perform any gongtao as request so long $$$ is provided to meet their greed. However, whether powerful or efficacies i am not so sure.

    In addition, regarding the snakehead ending, i believe that was karma or retribution. As i did mention before the loan shark guy that burried black magic potion in my house garden, after the evil spells had eliminated while after 100 days a six sense that brought me to dig out the bottle of black magic potion in the exact area i fall sicked 2 weeks lying on bed. This was not the important part to share, the best part is as i know the loan shark faces divorce issue, losses his custody toward 2 kids and a newly bought house to his divorce wife. Currently, he married a vietnam girl, but his day is not peaceful as this vietnam girl always quarrel and fight with his old mum that cause him severe headache. I belief this indeed karma for what he had done toward us.

    1. Thank you for your true story Sir.

      Many people think casting spells are easy. But they didn't think that when their spells are discovered by others, the spell can be backfired and these people will face with their own music.

      I have tried some spells in the past and found those spells are very fragile even if they can produce any tangible results.

      As you have pointed out, those amulets are extremely expensive but I have found none will produce the effects as claimed. I too spent a lot of real money to do experimentations.

  2. Hi Master Liew, as what i know now, those low amulets are quite cheap in these days. Unlike in the old days 70's 80's and 90's in fact it was scarcity and hardly to get in southeast Asia countries except thai itself.

    These days, many businessmen or so call agents aggressively promoting while bring in huge quantities of such amulets into malaysia and singapore. This proof that the market in thai is facing down trend. Thus, in no choice in order to survive for all these archan and monks they have to expand their sales markets and travels over here frequently giving blessing or ritual packages just like a businessman.

    Two years ago, i am actively involved in those blessing and amulets just like chasing famous hk, taiwan, korea superstars. Those low amulets brought in by the archan and monks indeed quite cheap. A panneng with full of yin various ingredients cost only about rm1.2k to 1.5k. Corpse oils about rm80 to rm150 can get and many more.

    In addition, due to technology progress where everything can buy and order in internet straight from thai amulet shops, prices are much more cheaper than buy in malaysia. Because the price is cheaper this day and easy availability, the young, middle, old malaysian be it female or male, christian or non majority own at least a thai amulet. These people are getting crazy involve in amulets and blessing rituals including blindly continuously donating huge amount of money to monks and archan which i think they are damn stupid and look like and idiot cause i believe those devotees never treat their parents so nice and will give their parents pocket money so generously compare how they treat those strangers. Therefore, in fact when they visiting the archan and monk that time, i believe they have been cast the magic spells. One of it is spells that bring devotees back again all the times to continue give money.

    I am one of the victims too until last 2 years ago when i visited a taoist temple, a sifu in the temple suddenly told me i have been curse with a spells that makes me wanting go back to a temple and continue support the temple. In blink of an eye, the thai temple or shop i visited was the first appeared in my mind. Slowly by conscious thought, i realised i have been devoted to thai for few years, never experience any improvement in life's instead losing more money to the archans and monks mostly every month and tougher in life's and financially. Of course the temple sifu thought me a simple method for the cleansing. That is why nowadays, i see clearly what the intention of the thai monks and archans favor to visit malaysia and singapore. They want $$$$$.