Monday, November 28, 2016

Head On Collisions (撞到正)

Normally ghosts would avoid collide with human beings because normal human have stronger and denser aura compared to ghosts. When ghosts do collide with human kind, they would temporary be disintegrated or trapped inside human bodies for a very long time; or until the ghosts are released or upon the death of the human hosts. So, old folks believe that ghosts would normally travel along road sides or building sides. Hence, people are advised not to lean on walls after dark especially during the ghost month. Of course, the more powerful ghosts would not be afraid of human especially those people experiencing bad luck.

My friend Stephen likes to travel. Many years ago he visited Fraser Hill and he stayed in a guesthouse on the slope. After dinner and since the sky was still quite clear, Stephen decided to walk along the tarred road going downhill. He walked and walked for about an hour or so and the sky started to drizzle. So, Stephen decided that it was time for him to head back the cottage and settled for the evening.

Perhaps in the midway, Stephen heard sounds as if boots striking on the road. The more he listened to the sound, he was quite sure that at least a group of uniform unit personnel were marching down the road. Being himself as a scout during his school days, there is no mistake about those uniformed sounds were from some well trained and highly disciplined professions.

Since there is only one road up and down, Stephen had no way to avoid the ones who marched down the road. At the same time too, he was curious who would march during this odd hour. Then after taking a sharp turn, Stephen saw in front of him was a uniform unit in khaki uniform and leather boots marching head on towards him. He was curious as those marching folks looked like Japanese Imperial Army marching in files. No one can imagine that one would come across Imperial Army in 2000’s of the 21st century unless someone is making a movie figuratively speaking.

There was no escape for Stephen so he just stood dumbfounded in the middle of the road waiting for the strange troopers’ next course of action. As Stephen waited, the Imperial Army procession became clearer. And they ware what Stephen thought they were alright. There was no sign that the army procession would stop or any attempt on the marching folks to avoid Stephen, they just march on a head on collision course towards Stephen.

When Stephen was preparing for the worse, suddenly the whole battalion of army marched through terrifying Stephen with him staying put in the middle of the road. And in a jiffy, the procession passed through Stephen and gone from his view after the military folks took a corner turn.

As recalled by Stephen later, he was as if hit by a chilled breeze that had penetrated his physical body and he could feel that something went in from in front of his body and it exited from his back. At one point, Stephen started to wander if it was himself that was transparent, of the procession of the Imperial Army.

Of course, I personally think what Stephen bumped into was some imprint from the past which has no intelligence at all. Hence, those ghostly apparitions cannot interact with Stephen.

However, another pal of mine; James was not so lucky.

It was during the Chinese Ghost Month two years back, James returned home from his Friday night fiesta and apparently he really had a mug too many. Instead of walking on pedestrian paths, he walked or should I rather say that he staggered along the side of the building perhaps due to alcohol intoxication. As he was making his way along the building wall, suddenly bumped into someone who also moved alongside the building wall.

Just before James could say ‘excuse me’, the figure bumped into James. As recalled by James, the sensation of the collision was very odd. He felt the figure as if bumped straight into his body as if entering into a tight-fit shirt. He couldn’t recall if the thing has exited from his body after the collision. But since then, James felt that he is carrying another person inside him. At times James could hear a voice talking to him. For example, when James wanted to order chicken hamburger, the voice would say that he likes fish fillet instead.

A few months later, James’s inner voice suddenly said that it wanted to leave and the only way was to ask James to commit suicide. It can only leave James once he is dead. After the voice has pestered James for long enough, he finally sought help with my guru Rinpoche. Apparently, it was a ghost that had trapped inside James’s body which was subsequently being delivered to the other side. And, after the spirit was gone; James did not hear the voice again.


  1. This story again led me recalled the 2011 encountered. I stil remember during the year 2011 lunar ghost month, there was a day i went out to have dinner. Before get my car, i need to walked through a narrow path under big trees with darkness without a light. As usual, after enjoyed my meal to feed my hunger and content, its time to go home. My car parked opposite of the shop road side. When i crossed the road heading to my car, i got a sudden chilled. I did not suspect anything as normally lunar ghost month the wind blew wilk be a bit stronger and frequent.

    After reach home, doing usual thing watching tv shows while ralaxing on sofa. If not mistaken, after 2 hours like that, i felt cold and discomfort. So, i just went to bed for a good rest and sleep. The unexpected the next morning, i got sick. I cough non stop and had slight fever while body shivering as it is very cold. Ironically, my left chest was very pain. The left ribs pain almost similar being hit by something hard perhaps a baseball bat as example. This illness remain the same even a week past by after medicines finished consume. Without doubt, i went visit another clinic. Medicines prescribed, consume as usual and on schedule. Nevertheless, the chill and fever remain and my left part of chest pain did not improve after apply cream and chinese tradition herbs medicines for the entire week.

    The vary of this time after 2nd week of illness was the fever and chill only happen start on 4pm till 12am every day. Means that, within these hours, my fever and cold will not subside even medicine is taken. The symptoms will disappear once the midnight 12am passes by. It repeated for the entire 2nd week.

    While, entered the 3rd week, again medicine finished, my mum seems irrirated. She told me something was not right since your illness only happened on fixed time during evening hour. Thus, that night she went to the house nearest taoist temple to seek medium consultation. Once back home, she burnt a talisman in a glass of water to let me drink. Another talisman, she asked my father burnt it, then used the talisman ashes to write a chinese word in my chest area.

    Miraculously, the next day evening 6pm till 12am, the fever and cold never comes back to me anymore. Can say that i am fully recovered and just the chest pain remains however, it was not so pain for the last 2 weeks i endured. In addition, the medium adviced my mum upon i feel better, it will be best for me to pay him a visit personally to do some blessing ritual in the temple to get optimum result. Hence, i visited the medium. He told me, due to my lucks were at the most low while my body light left only one on the forehead yet was dim, this was where when i went out during night, there was one wander spirit collided with my body that causes all these illness.

    Finally, after adviced me not to go out during evening in lunar ghost month, the medium also adviced me try to avoid night outing on normal month as well because my lucks and aura are not very in advantage condition. After listened to the adviced, he blessed me for lucks improvement. Gradually, my chest pain was lessen. Eventually, after 3days my chest pain fully recovered.

    This case brought me into deep thought, sometimes many people dont believe in ghost or spirit, they deem it is superstitious. But there are many things cannot be explain just like after 2weeks of medicines consumption, there is no sign of recover, while upon drank the holy water, the sick recover immediately the next day and chest pain gradually subsided within 3 days.

    1. Thank you for sharing your interesting story!

      You might be experiencing the 'evil wind' 阴风 problem. In this case, you can buy some 百解符 from the shop. Then use a few pieces to wipe your body top down a few times; and burn the 'pat kai' outside of your house. Be careful so that the wording face must face out when you are using the 'pat kai'.

    2. Thank you very much Master Liew for sharing the simple and useful method to heal the illness. Such DIY method should be makes known as some others may need it.