Monday, November 21, 2016

Premonitions Of The Dead (死者的讯息)

The topics on deaths are not everybody’s cup of tea. But the below stories may help someone to notice a problem early, so it is worthwhile to mention what the dead will foretell the love ones with their last visible hidden massages.

Story 1:

A few years ago Aunt Ann’s mother passed away. All of Aunt Ann’s siblings were present in the funeral service except for Aunt Ann’s sister, Jessica. During the last day of the funeral service just before the deceased was to be cremated, Aunt Ann suddenly noticed blood came out from her late mother’s mouth. Condensation was being ruled out as the blood was quite fresh and red. She felt something was wrong and she thought perhaps her mother wanted to see her sister Jessica for the last time. So, Aunt Ann went to Jessica’s house to give her a call in person since Jessica didn’t pick up her phone.

Jessica was staying alone in a double story house at outskirt of the town. When Aunt Ann reached Jessica’s place, the door was locked. Luckily Aunt Ann has the house keys. So, she proceeded to open the house door. To Aunt Ann’s shock, Jessica was lying face up unconscious in the living room with white foam like substance came out from Jessica’s mouth. Immediately Aunt Ann carried Jessica into her car and brought her sister to a local hospital.

Sadly, Jessica was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. Now, Aunt Ann had to arrange for two funeral services. She kept blaming herself as not have paid enough attention to Jessica’s medical condition. At the same time, she too was thankful to her late mom’s last warning to her about Jessica.

So, Aunt Ann told her story to warn others to pay particular attention on the last message of the deceased that might be able to save lives or prevent disasters.

Story 2:

Aunt Wong said that she noticed something was not quite right when she saw yellowish liquid produced from her late father’s eyes. At first, she thought it was water condensate due to air conditioning. But she soon ruled the assumption out as the water should be colourless.

Within one year after the death of Aunt Wong’s father, all of the fishes in a fishpond suddenly died overnight. Then her 4th and 2nd uncle suddenly suffered from cancer and the 4th uncle died subsequently leaving the 2nd still struggling with cancer until now. At the same time, Aunt Wong’s 3rd uncle married again in that particular year. Meanwhile, Wong’s family factory also had to close down due to financial problems.

A series of incidents entailed the death of old Mr. Wong made Aunt Wong to think something has gone very wrong. Since she needed a second opinion, Aunt Wong came to me for a ‘free’ consultation.

My assumptions were that there must be something wrong with Wong’s ancestral grave possible caused by cracks of the tomb structures. It is also possible that red and white flowers may be growing on the grave. For short term solution, Aunt Wong can prepare some materials to pray in front of the factory and their houses. If situations are improving, then a further audit of Wong’s ancestral grave should be carried out.

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