Friday, November 11, 2016

Handling Trump Effects (特朗普效应)

My economist friend gave me this challenge: to predict so-called Trump Effects for this year and the next on possible economy and political shifts. Since most of the predictions of US presidential election were total flops. Can we resort to other means to look into our near future so as to console those who have not yet recovered from the shocking news of the beginning of Trump’s Era?

In order to know the future, first I would use the I Ching since it is touted as the ‘science of change’. We must first look at why current system failed.

In 2016, the I Ching hexagram reads ‘mountain-earth’ hence ‘splitting apart’. We have seen the collapsing of authoritative figures in Korea and Philippines, the splitting of UK from EU and the wind of change in the US amongst others.

The inner meaning of this 23rd hexagram hinted that the mountain has extended too far away from the mother earth and consequently it is without a solid foundation; and eventually the mountain collapses. Hence, the splitting apart. Indirectly speaking, Hillary Clinton stayed too far away from what general US public was looking for, so she failed to be the next president.

On the other hand, Donald Trump followed what the majority of the US folks wanted; hence he is now the forthcoming US president. Indirectly, the ‘splitting apart’ effect didn’t happen to Mr. Trump. Another factor is that Mr. Trump didn’t have the ‘mountain’ built since the old administration to begin with.

Also, the ‘mountain’ in the I Ching hexagram means ‘halt’ and the ‘earth’ refers to ‘abiding’. So, in order to tackle the Trump Effects; everyone must exercise due diligent and follows the decision the majority has made so far. It is hence dangerous to act haphazardly because of short-term gain because the loss of an unthoughtful action can be severe. In view of various undesirable circumstances, perhaps it is time for a learnt person to retreat, save and upgrade himself for future coming opportunities.

So, did someone yelled out supposedly California seek independence from USA possible? Nay, this is a foolhardy action as warned by I Ching already. Better to drop the idea for now.

As we all know that events happen in cycles. So, the splitting apart cannot happen forever. What entails next is the ‘recovery’ process.

Now, the question is that when will the ‘recovery’ begins? It is certainly will not happen next year; 2017. The hexagram for 2017 is the ‘mountain-water’ or ‘halting with danger due to childishness’. But with the power of education, mistakes of all immaturity and ignorance can be avoided. However, we should avoid dealing with those repeat offenders as they may just offend us deliberately. So, it is a waste of our time.

Accordingly, the motive of learning must be pure and sincere and one must be persistent to see through everything. It is only through the gradual accumulation of experience and wealth that we can drive through our current difficulties. So said, everything takes time. In short, the I Ching has spoken: we must be patient.

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