Friday, November 18, 2016

The Sham Shui Po Murder (深水埗凶杀案)

A serious homicide case happened on March 13th, 2006 in a building located at Yee Kuk Street, Sham shui Po. A murderer has taken hostage of the victim’s 65-year-old mother and her 8 year-old-son. The killer waited until the victim’s boyfriend returned home and killed both of them. The motive of the murder was said to be due to jealousy. As I heard that the killer is still at large to date. My interest is not to solve this case but to share with Aunt Yap’s own story and perhaps at the same time; we know how recently and violently death souls behave.

Aunt Yap was staying in the said flat which was divided into 4 small compartments that housed 4 different families. It is a normal practice for some Hong Kong folks with flats to earn some pocket money.

On the evening of March 13th, the tragedy which has taken the life of a woman and a man both in their thirties happened. Both victims were said to have laid in a pool of blood in front of the flat. Right after the massacre, Aunt Yap and other tenants were brought to the local police station to give their statements as witnesses. There was no way for Aunt Yap and others to stay in their flat for the time being. So they were accompanied by a few CIDs to return to their flat to get their belongings for the night.

Aunt Yap’s flat became a temporary police restricted zone. Two policemen were guarding the murder scene, while other forensic personnel were burning their midnight oil to collect evidences. A police officer told Aunt Yap that he heard sounds of quarrelling started from one room and proceeded to another, then the sounds of porcelain plates and cups being smashed onto the floor; and then horrific screaming voice of a woman asking for help. The screams were so eerie that none of the officers willing to stay in the flat unless necessary. According to Aunt Yap, she wasn’t too convinced at that time.

Since Aunt Yap’s flat would not be suitable for dwelling for quite a while, the police allowed Aunt Yap to return to her flat to move her personal belongings to a temporary shelter the following day. So, first thing in the morning, Aunt Yap and her sister returned to the crime scene accompanied by two CIDs.

While Aunt Yap and her sister was packing, both of them and even the CIDs herd continuous moaning and groaning sound of a lady and a man. The climax of the incident was that a glass half filled with water suddenly exploded in front of them!

Right after they have packed all their items, they hurriedly went out escorted by the CIDs. Even those forensic folks also quickly retreated together with them.

Aunt Yap was eager to know if those sounds she heard were from the ghost of the murdered lady and the man?

My take is that if we refer to the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, a person would only know that he/she has died a few days after his/her death. So, in the above case; it is possible that both victims were not aware of their death as yet. Hence they continued to moan and groan for a few more days. Those eerie sound would normally stop after 7 days when the deceased finally realised that they are dead. Perhaps the Book of Death does have some foundation after all.

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