Friday, November 25, 2016

Loudmouthed Jack N Gill (衰多口)

There are times when it is best just to keep our mouth shut. But when we must speak out, then we should just mind our language for when we are least expected; someone or ‘something’ might be offended. If that is someone who gets offended, then we might be beaten up. However, if it is something that gets offended; then this ‘thing’ may follow us for a long time. I have some stories just along this nature to share:

Story 1:

Some years ago, a HK TV hostess, Gill went to Henan, Kai’feng (河南开封府) to make a program about tourism in Henan. The TV crews came to the Temple of Judge Bao (包公祠) for coverage. In the middle of filming, the program director decided to take a break. At this point, Gill went into the Bao Temple just to look around while waiting for the director’s signals.

As Gill was looking at Judge Bao and his wife’s statue, somehow she commented that Mrs. Bao was ‘not so good looking’ and went off with her program shooting. An hour or so later, the director decided to call it a day and the crew returned to their hotel to rest for the day. Gill was given the rest of the day off to do her shopping while others were busying editing and reviewing the film.

Gill returned to her room quite late and she soon entered into her slumber land very soon. However, in the midst of making her sweet dreams; Gill suddenly awakened by a gust of chill air blowing into her blanket. At first she thought she has forgotten to shut the window. It was quite late into November and the weather was very cold and dry. So she opened her eyes and turned her face towards the window only to noticed the silhouette of a lady worn in old Chinese costume looking at her. Before Gill can make any senses of what she just saw, the weird lady suddenly jumped onto Gill and used her dried and cold hands trying to squeeze Gill’s throat.

At this close range, Gill suddenly recognized the lady looked somehow resembled the statue of Mrs. Bao in the temple. Gill was not superstitious so she started to struggle with Mrs. Bao and as she struggled, she suddenly rolled over her bed and fell onto the floor. All of a sudden, Mrs. Bao has disappeared and it was already 5am. Gill thought the Mrs. Bao was just the imprints of Mrs. Bao since she did stand in front of the statue for quite a while commenting on that statue. Gill soon forgotten her nightmare as she would travel back to Hong Kong after a few more shots in local tourist spots.

It seemed that Gill was wrong. This Mrs. Bao followed her even when she returned to Hong Kong. This Mrs. Bao would visit Gill every other few nights trying to strangle her. At times, Gill had to struggle with this Mrs. Bao throughout the nights. According to Gill, this Mrs. Bao’s restless soul continued to disturb her for the next 10 years or so. She can’t even have a steady boyfriend during that period as when they were getting intimate, this Mrs Bao would suddenly appear in her back hence gave her potential partner a shock and flee in the dead of the night.

One day by chance, Gill came to Penang for a documentary making and she called me for an afternoon tea. When she asked if this Mrs. Bao was still following her, I took a sip of tea and said: “It is not Mrs. Bao but a narrow minded female ghost was preying on you. She just wanted to teach you a lesson for your comments on Mrs. Bao. You can buy some tofu, bean sprouts, some cold rice with cold water and some joss papers to send her off.”

Gill was a little doubtful of the simplicity of my methods. So, I told her again: “Things are simple if you know how. Unless you want to be single and available for the rest of your life; then just keep her with you then.”

Last time I heard Gill had retired from her entertainment job and got married. I guessed she did my ritual after all.

Story 2:

Jack was a HK actor. About 10 years ago, he was sent to a local cemetery to do a paranormal documentary show. During a short break, Jack sat by a tomb and his vision wandered about as he waited for the signal of the film director. As Jack waited, his sight suddenly locked onto the photo of a pretty young lady on the tombstone beside him. Due to curiosity, Jack approached the photo and used his hand to rub against the photo so as to get a clearer view.

As Jack was rubbing the dead girl’s photo, he started to murmur: “If you have not die so young, you would be a pretty 18-year-old lady by now. It is very pitiful indeed…” So, Jack spent about 10 minutes or so to talk to the photo. Then the director’s voice broke Jack’s conversation with the photo and he returned to his filming crew to complete the filming task.

A few days later, Jack started to have wet dreams. As recalled by Jack, the lady in the photo came to Jack and told Jack that she heard what Jack said to her; so she came to Jack to accompany Jack. Since then, this lady would visit Jack at least twice a week and then she came almost every night.

Jack’s mother gradually felt something was not quite right with her son because Jack suddenly became very passive and that his eye became swollen and black indicating this young man has an overactive sex life. So Jack’s mom started to seek help but many masters refused to help because they said that it was Jack who invited the lady ghost first; hence it was Jack who wronged with the ghost first.

When my guru Rinpoche came to Hong Kong, Jack’s mom brought Jack to see the Rinpoche. According to the Rinpoche, it was not the lady ghost that disturbed Jack but a wandering spirit in the vicinity. So, the Rinpoche took some dough and asked Jack’s mom to rub the dough around Jack’s kidneys and then threw the dough opposite the direction of Jack’s zodiac animal. The ritual had to be repeated for a few times until the spirit left Jack.

As I heard, Jack was free from the grip of the ghost after more than 10 years or so.

Story 3:

This is a story I heard from a 40-year-old cancer patient. Let’s call him Jack for simplicity. Jack was still on medication fighting his cancer while I talked to him. He is a Christian and this incident happened to him in Hong Kong starting about 20 years ago.

Jack’s pa died very early and it became Jack’s habit to visit his pa’s grave twice a year when he was about 20-years-old. Every time he visited his pa’s grave, Jack would also visit another grave beside his pa’s grave though they are not related. What attracted Jack was that the photo attached on the tomb stone. This tomb beside Jack’s pa was a very old family grave perhaps since Qing Dynasty. The photo was a family photo showing the family members wearing Qing Dynasty court costumes. Apparently the owners of the grave were someone of importance during the old dynasty.

So, every time Jack has the spare time after paying respect to his father’s, he would go to the tomb beside to look at the photos and clean the tomb somehow. Jack discontinued visiting his pa’s grave when he went to work in Singapore for 10 years and only to return to Hong Kong when he was around 30-years-old.

A strange incident happened to Jack when he resumed visiting his pa’s tomb and the tomb next to it. During one of the visits, as Jack was rubbing the old photo; he suddenly heard as if someone was blowing air into his left year but when he looked around, he saw nothing around.

Since the last incident, Jack was experiencing hag-ride for the first time in his life. During that particular night, Jack had a rude awakening as he felt an immense force was pressing onto his body and he couldn’t move. At this point, Jack could only look at the ceiling. The ceiling above him suddenly turned black forming the shadow of a man in Qing government official. This ghostly figure then sticking out his tongue and his tongue gradually prolonged until it reached Jack’s mouth. This mysterious tongue would start to leak Jack’s face and trying to find its way into Jack’s mouth.

After leaking Jack for a while, the tongue would retract to the ghostly figure and it then took a free fall and dropped onto Jack’s body; and it would then use its bony hands to strangle Jack. He started to struggle and then Jack grabbed a bible beside his bed and struck the bible onto the ghostly man. Only after that the apparition loosened its grip onto Jack and disappeared.

Jack would experience a few ghostly attacks every week and it has been going on for about a decade now.  

After listening to Jack’s story, I advised Jack to seek the help of his pastor since he is a Christian. I suspect that the ghost already gone into Jack’s body through his left ear and that Jack’s cancer might be caused by this ghost. I cannot help Jack because of his religious belief, so I wished him well.

So, there you have it. Three stories to remind us to mind our language in front of the dead. Unless you are ‘trained’ to deal with these good brothers and sisters of course.

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