Sunday, July 15, 2012

Between Psychic And Psycho

There is a saying goes something like this:

“What separates a psychic and a psycho is only a fine thin line.”

In my study of magic, I met many different characters. Many people claim to have special abilities. Let me elaborate on what I meant. Having said so, I do not pin point to a singular person; just collectively. So if the descriptions mimic that of yours then I sincerely apology for that:

·         A brother’s sister Mary (not her real name) believes she has the ability to see and communicate with spirits; she also has the ability to fight demons in dreams with magical weapons. Mary even describes the make of her magic sword to me once. Having said so, Mary always troubled by a red gown female spirit and found her difficult to sleep. I was called to assist. I detect no presence but found myself difficult to say that out loud as Mary was so definite that the entity is trying to take her life. Since I found no words to persuade her that it was only her imagination, so I asked Mary to perform a complicated ritual. All of a sudden, Mary said that she was feeling better and no need the ritual. She didn’t thank me but I don’t mind. I knew she was wanting for more attention from her family members. I asked her not to contact me again (I don’t want to waste my time, and her money).

·         A gentleman Mark said he is bound to a particular jinn family that cannot be told of the origin but believes this jinn is extremely powerful and he is already amongst the jinn family. I told him that let me check it out. I see no power beings but an extremely ugly kid is riding on Mark’s back sucking his life forces. I can only pray for Mark’s well being.

·         Another gentlemen Anthony believes he is the reincarnation of an angel, and in this life he has to bear with a pair of heavy wings on his back. Talking to this guy is fun: now it is Anthony talking; now it is Angel of Proximity. I just leave him alone as I think having a dream is better than no dreams at all J.

·         An old gentlemen whom I call him uncle is having Alzheimer’s disease but his relatives believed that people has do black magic to him. I double check but there is really nothing disturbing uncle; so what I do is just pray for the well being of uncle from the torment of consuming talismanic paper every day… Yak!

And many more story like that. Psychic or psycho, I will let you decide.

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