Monday, July 9, 2012

Special Satays For Special Tastes

Satays for you and me are grilled meats served with source as a popular dish in SEA region. Basic ingredients are: beef, mutton, chicken, pork, fish etc. But below type of satays are for very special customers. Presented here for your reading pleasure only, practice at your own risks. You are warned.

They are special types of satays:

Grilled Raven Satay

·         This type of satay must be served on a Tuesday night.

·         Slaughter some ravens or grill the ravens directly to attract jinni. You must prepare a large serving as if the quantity is not sufficient, the jinni will go rampage.

·         You must start selling the grilled raven satay at an isolated place at 12 midnight. Use tray, oil lamp, 3 pieces of black incenses.

·         Wait until many jinn have approached you. Call out for their leader to step forward. Say to the leader, “if you want the grilled raven satay, you must pay (the amount you want).

·         You can also sell the grilled raven at the corner of rich guys by wearing black. In this way, you can bribe the jinni of the rich to give you some money.

Ijo Flies Satay

·         Find yourself some ijo flies to make satay.

·         Use bamboo stick as you would do to ordinary satays.

·         Sell the satays at riverside, lakeside or seaside.

·         Burn some black incense together with some charcoal as the fuel to grill the ijo flies satay.

·         The condition is that you must strip yourself naked while selling the satay to passerby.

·         Your potential customer will be the spirits of the river, lake or sea.

Soft Shell Turtle Satay

·         Find a soft shell turtle for making satay as before.

·         Sell the satay in the middle of a quiet field.

·         Burn some black incense together with some charcoal for barbecuing the satay.

·         When there are customers, then offer the satay to the potential customers by mentioning how much money per stick.

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