Monday, July 30, 2012

Social Escorts' Secret Weapons

Men in Singapore and Malaysia likes to visit Thailand and enjoy the night lives and entertainment widely available there, besides delicious foods and interesting local cultures... Of course, not forgetting the warm and beautiful hot chicks. Many of my friends are still frequent travellers across the boarders. Some even travel 2~3 times in a month.

Well just name it: Night clubs, a-go-go bar, body-to-body massages, the 'aquarium', Kara OK, 'tiger show' and many more to be listed. I have an originally quite decent homely friend who had vowed not to step his foot into these entertainment areas, and for his whole life he only loved his wife. Hmm... that was last year he told me that. After he had an initiatory tour to Hadnyai, Southern Thailand; his view changed completely. Now he has fallen in love with a Thai female masseur and as his wife told me that her hubby even murmering the masseur's name! So much for the home sweet home eh? Wonders what has made this once loyal husband to change so fast?

Let us have a quick look at those secret weapons of social escorts:

Lup Yong Twins

This is quite common amongst the lady social escorts. Basically there are two tiny wooden idols dipped in magic oil. The purpose is of course to attract more customers and the customers will be willing to spend more on the lady. Mainly for good business and not to harm. However, some may contain spirits for faster results and can cause harm.


A palakit is used mainly to attract good business and good fortune. I saw one inside the so called 'aquarium' in Hadnyai. If opportunity allowed, then I will write more on Palakit later.

Love Oil

On first thought, my friend may be the victim of love oil.

There are many types of love oils: the corpse oil, the flower oil, the coconut oil, perfume etc. Most of the oils are applied on one's brows so that potential customers will find an escort extremely attractive and willing to spend on her. Another type of love oil such as that of the corpse oil will need to be applied onto the body of her client. This type of oil is more powerful and lasting, the purpose is not to attract customers but with an intention of mind control.

Well, frankly folks: the locals just treat the above workings common affairs, no harm done although a little evil is still acceptable. The Lord Buddha is all compassionate. What say you my friend?


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