Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy Come, Not So Easy Go

Prior to my travel to Thailand in search of trail of magic, my mother; and even all my friends said the same thing: “Becareful of kong tau (black magic)!” So you can see how deep rooted is the phobia about kong tau in South East Asia region. Thanks to the influences of movie series in the 70’s to 80’s, people take it for granted that kong tau is very popular in Thailand. Whatever you do, you will be hit by kong tau.

It is a matter of fact that kong tau is not as popular as portrayed in horror movies; as well as not so easy to be hit by kong tou. While we can’t deny that there is no kong tau in Thailand nowadays, black kong tau really exists in Northern Thai mountain ranges. A seasoned arjan will only need a person’s photo, finger nails, hair or even clothing to perform the kong tau.

The signs and symptoms of kong tau is intermittent loss of consciousness or memory, in this case it is almost similar to mental illness. Only an experience arjan will be able to differentiate whether it is indeed a mental problem or the working of kong tau.

I don’t want to repeat my old kong tau rituals has said in previous posting. I just want to share a real kong tau story:

A lady suspected her hubby was having an affair, after some persuading, confrontation and even death threats to find no avail. So as a last resort, she went to consult an old arjan. Her intention was quite harmless: let her hubby suffers strange skin disease to scare away her opponent, then provide a simple remedy that only the old arjan would know.

True enough, within 3 days the hubby felt his body itchy all over, and he begun to scratch his body until blood oozing all over. The other lady as expected left this hubby to his lawful wife.

Now this lady happily went to see the old arjan again for remedies, but this time to her horror; the old arjan has passed away due to heart attack! This lady came and see me but I can only shake my head because as a rule: whoever releases the kong tau, the person must provide the remedy. It is said that his poor lady still wandering about to seek remedy for her husband.

Well, the morale of this story so that: do not give in to the believe of our love ones are hit by kong tau and simply waste our money or worse still, abused by those so called ruthless arjans. Please take it from me that kong tau is not so easy to get and it is not everywhere! Peace J.

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