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The Magic Of Paser & Dayak

This was a story told by a Paser tribe friend:

The Paser (or sometimes Pasir) tribe is one of the native of Kalimantan together with Kutai, Dayak, Tidung, Banjar and Malay. It is likely that Paser tribe is same family with Dayak because there are similarities in their language and custom.

Majority of Paser tribe can be found in the district of Kabupaten Paser and Kabupaten Penajam Paser North.

According to the narration of Sempuri (Paser folklore), Islam was brought to Paser community around year 100 Hijriah by a master teacher from Yamen. The old history of Paser was from the ancient civilization of Taleke River with figures such as Datu’, Nalau and Ayus. Reputedly these are the persons descend Paser, Kutai and Dayak tribe. It is also narrated by folklore that the old Paser government led by King Tuo Ono’ was at Telake River, after Islam came, the Paser Sultanate was formed with the first female ruler named Putri Botung/Petung. The sultanate was originally centered at Lempesu but later shifted to Benuo.

If we would compare the Paser tribe with the Dayak, there are similirities:

1.      Belian:  a ritual for healing performed by one or two Mulung (healers)

2.      Besipung: a type of opera or magic play performed inside a dark Lou Olai (Large House) in that the most senior person expert in customs conjure the ancient souls of past actors to perform the play.

The Lemu (Magic) of Paser Tribe:

1.      Virtual machetes: using hand or mendau (sword) as if in real war.

2.      Pekir Sword: using the index finger as a sword.

3.      Kendali Sword: this weapon is thrown to targets, after the target fell to the ground, the weapon returns to its owner. This spell was used by Commander Sentik during war with the Sea Bajak near the waters of Balikpapan.

4.      Cuca’ peruntus: destroyer of internal organs.

5.      Cuca’ mayat: turning a living person to be a zombie.

6.      Cuca’ bangkai: to make a person producing extremely bad odor.

7.      Others such as: Lemu Selisih, Kuyar Mais, Lowong Botuk, Polong etc.

Below is one of the Paser love mantra:

“Loking torik olo buo

 Malan alas damu royan

 Bolum berik mono kito

 Lupo mangun delap beam”

In order to prevent black magic the Dayak’s way, find a piece of darkened rattan, and a piece of yellow bamboo after the full moon and hence thereafter 14 days’ period; tie the two pieces with silk treads of nine colours. The measurement of the treads is taken from your middle finger tip to your elbow. After that the bundle is tied with red tread tightly and then wrap with a yellow cloth. Bring this bundle with you whatever you do.

In other aspects, the below Dayak love oils is also very famous: the Hadangan Oil, Pitunduk Oil, Sinyong-nyong Oil, Buronq Buto (Blind Bamboo) Oil, Buluh Perindu Gunung Bondang (Longing Bamboo of Bondang Mountain).

Other oils such as the Minyak Bumi (Earth Oil) for making talismans and healing; The Minyak Bintang (Star Oil) for preventing mishaps/death and healing are also very famous.

There is other famous spell as well:

1.      Mandau Batu (The rock machete) where the blade of this type of machete can be bent as if a Samurai sword.

2.      Magic bead necklace.

3.      Sacred urns.

Mandau Maya Dayak (Virtual Machete) is said to be able to fly by thousands of jinn or spirits for killing enemy.

The Malay version is using the hand gesture such as cut or chops to kill enemies.

Normal procedure is to test such spell on a banana tree. The spell is only workable if the banana trunk is chopped down.

Well, whatever the case is. People in Kalimantan will have one or two of such spell for protection.

While Mandau Batu (Rock Machete) is made from iron ore contained in a type of black stone found in the Central Kalimantan (something like Leklai). There are two rivers that produce such rock called Sanaman Mantikei (from Mantikei River situated in Kabupaten Katingan) and Sanaman Montalat (from Montalat River situated in Kabupaten Barito North). The character of this iron is in liquid form such as that of Leklai in Thailand.

On the other hand, the Dayak tribe have their specialties as well:

Panah Terong or “Arrow of eggplant” is a type of spell uses the milk of terong fruit (may be only be able to be found in Kalimantan). The terong fruit is poked with wooden arrow made from the branch of haunted Banyan tree. This wooden arrow is then released towards the enemy.

The result is the victim will experience ulcer pain that may be followed by death.

If we look across the board, the supernatural culture of Dayak, Khmer or Cambodian, even Thai/Siamese are almost similar. The Tattoo in Dayak is almost the same with the Sak Yant in Thai. All of the above cultures like Betel leaf so to speak.

Once upon a time, it was said that there is a Dayak spell that can smell other tribe’s particular body odour. This type of shaman will look for the pregnant of 7 months. In this spell, the mother is killed while the child is taken to perform a ritual where the child’s blood is drawn and collected into a pot. After the mantra recitation, the commander and his soldiers will drink the blood. In this way, all of the soldiers will be able to smell out the opponent tribe.

Other types of Dayak black magic:

1.      Pukulan berat bumi: for heavy strikes to make enemy paralyze.

2.      Panah Lombok: the arrow of chilli to be sent during the middle of the night through air. The victim may die of hotness, or chilli will come out from the victim’s body.

3.      Panah Terong: the arrow of eggplant. As above, but the victim’s body will turn purple like an eggplant. This victim will die in 3 days.

4.      Buluh Perindu: Longing bamboo is dipped into water and let the target drink. You cannot buy this in the open market. If it is sold, then it is definitely a FAKE!

5.      Mandau menangis: Crying machete. It is said that it is not the machete that can cry, but the spirits of the enemies that were killed trapped to the machete.

6.      Tinju Sembilan Pintu: The boxing of nine doors, for heavy and deadly hand strike.

7.      Minyak Bintang: The famous star oil said to be made from the fats of python. It is used to heel bone fracture in one week no matter how serious the fracture is.

8.      Kalung Babi: Wild boar’s necklace is useful in fire arms and sharp objects. The side effect is that the scar cannot be healed.

9.      Mandau Siluman. The invisible machete can find enemy where ever he/she is and kill the target by chopping down his/her head.

10.  Balsem Jahat: The evil balm is used to apply on to things our enemy normally uses. In less than 4 days, our enemy will die of heart attack.

11.  And many more …

The Paser and Dayak magic are definitely more interesting than manual collections don’t you think so? Well, then and again, for your reading pleasure only. Ha ha ha...

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