Monday, July 9, 2012

Kuih Apom: For The Dead & Alive

The above picture shows kuih apom durian.

Kuih apom is generally made of flour and eggs plus a bit of sugar. There are many varients of kuih apom. This is one of SEA folks’ favorite desserts as it is sold at a reasonable price.

Having said so, do you know that while you can sell kuih apom in the morning market, night market or even the ‘midnight market’? And do you also realize that you can sell the kuih apom in town … even in the cemetery area??

Okay. Below is the how-to:

1.      The kuih apom must be made on a Tuesday or Friday midnight at an isolated cemetery area.

2.      You must wear black.

3.      Burn some black incense and benzoic incense while making the kuih apom.

4.      After the kuih apom is made, wait in silent for your potential customers.

5.      When the customers approach you, you can use your bargaining power to ask for the things you like.

Try at your own risk. But think again, try out the delicious kuih apom instead.


  1. Hello !

    Very intresting ! (As always)

    Also the "Special Satays For Special Tastes" Stuff...have you some more stuff like this ?

    A VERY UNUSUAL method to earn money (and maybe other thing's too) LOL

    But how much money (or ther things) would such a "Spirit Creature" give you for one "Satay" or one "Kuih Apom" ?

    Thank you !

    Emir M.

    1. Hello Emir,

      Hahaha... What you will get depends on your bargening power... Never thought we actually need to 'bargin' with the spirits.

      Stay tune for more.