Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Spell Of Nini Blorong

Reputedly that Nyai Blorong is same as Nyi Loro Kidul, but exists in the form of a serpent princess. Whose function is to seduce human and mislead human by the way of black magic. However according to other sources, Nyai Blorong is a title for Nyimas Dewi Anggatari, the child of Nyimas Dewi Anggista, the youngest princess from Raja Caringin Kurung The XI, Prabu Jaya Cakra. Not only that, which revealed in detail the life from childhood to why he came to be known as Nyi Blorong capable of providing property or richness.

Having so said, Aji Nini Blorong is a type of spell that will get you sustenance and clothing with ease. With that, all your effort in find a job will be much easier and with more success. Normally, people who have achieved success with this type of spell are merchandisers, bill collector, farmer etc.

It is quite easy to cast this spell. What you need to do is first to perform Mutih fast for 7 days and 7 nights, starting on Friday. After you have done so, then you should continue with Patigeni fast for one day and one night. During the fasting period, after you have performed daily obligatory prayers, below prayer is recited 7 times; and at night, after you have completed the sholat sunnah hajat; recite the below prayer for 100 times.

After you have completed the above ritual, when you have a need; just stand in front of your house at 12 midnight and recite the prayer for 3 times.

The prayer:


Ingsun Amatak Ajiku Si Nini Blorong, Nini Blorong Dak Tempuhake Anyukupi Sandhang Pangan Kang Agung, Amboyongo Sri Sadono Wadhahono Ing Gedhong Rojobrono, Sakehing Pangan Lebokno Ing Lumbung Gumuling, Ojo Esat Ing Salawase, Saking Kersaning Allah."

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