Monday, July 23, 2012

Tora! Tora! Hebi!

Tigers! Tigers! And snakes!

My master Ah Kong (not Deva Yakong please!!) has two pets: one is a giant python, the other is a tiger. He has told me much secret knowledge of snakes, tigers and the weretigers in South East Asia. I tried to remember as far as possible before all information gone down the drain as my memory are not as before J.

Below was what he told me (not scientifically proven, your discretion is advised):

Tigers & weretigers

1.      The tigers and weretigers will not attack human face on, so avoid letting the tiger or weretiger route to your back.

2.      If you heard loud roar of a tiger, that means it is still quite far away from you; but if the roar is as if very far away, then start running because the tiger is around 4 meter away from you. Similarly if the voice of the weretiger is loud, then no need to feel afraid because this is only a weak weretiger, but if the voice of a weretiger is calm, soft and always silent, then you must be careful because this weretiger already aiming you as a pray.

3.       Dry foliage is feared by a tiger or a weretiger. This is because once a tiger or a weretiger stepped onto dry foliage and making a cracking noise, it will be cursed by its king of not suitable of being a tiger; or likewise a weretiger.

4.      Sure sign of a weretiger:

a.       If the head of a person has 5 hair vortexes

b.      The notch below nose is flat

c.       There are signs at ears, ears small and rounded

d.      Eyes do not blink as long as 30 minutes

5.      If you meet a tiger in the wilderness, do not panic and run; but lies still like a log. The tiger will just circle you and then when it has had enough, it will leave by itself.

6.      The raw Benzoic gum is very feared by a weretiger.

7.      Rattan is also feared by a tiger and a weretiger.

8.      A tiger and a weretiger will never drink counter current from a river. It is said that a tiger’s whiskers are poisonous and the tiger will poison itself if it drinks from counter current.


1.      Serpent spirits, especially the pythons are the predominant spirits in Tropics jungle of South East Asia. They can be found inside caves, tree roots, lakes, rivers and sea. This is by far the most easy to summon entities and will give you many magical mustika (stones) and magical powers of all sort. The said Deva Yakong and family are supposed to be new age Balinese sea serpent spirits.

2.      Snake spirits can also be found in towns, especially in large trees, toilets, drains and damp corners.

3.      When there are many snakes congregate in a house, they are likely to cause fire incidents.

4.      Snakes are afraid of sulphur; a way to get rid of snakes is to burn sulphur.

5.      Snakes are afraid of bamboo. Some people believe that bamboo is the father of snakes, so a long bamboo is the best weapon against a snake.

6.      Very important, when you are walking in a tropic jungle, hold your machete in front of your chest with blade facing outwards. This is to prevent the attack of a large python. The python will loosen its grips on you once its body touches the steel blade of your machete. If unfortunate that you did not carry any machete, try biting the snake with your mouth and spit into its mouth.

7.      Once you have injured a snake, it will seek its revenge whenever possible. So, it is still best to kill the snake before it seeks revenge.

8.      A centipede is the natural enemy of snakes. They will kill each other if two are ever bought close together.

9.      A snake spirit attacks a person’s brain and central nerve system causing hallucinations and speech difficulties.

10.  The skin of a python is very good at warding off ghosts.

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