Monday, July 23, 2012

Hypnotizing Power Of A Weretiger

My pal said that he is a descendent of harimau jadian from Kerinci Jambi. His grandfather was a descendent of a harimau jadian. He has kindly invited me to join his family in the realm of weretigers, but I don’t have the guts to accept the invitation. You know best the reasons for declining …

So.. What’s cooking for dinner yaa.. Ha ha ha..

Below is what he has narrated to me:






Ritual to infuse the power of prayer into your body:

First, prepare item as below:

1.      Some leaves of kafir lime that have been exposed to morning sun

2.      Coarse salt

3.      Weeds 3 pieces

Crash all the ingredients to fine pieces into a half glass of plain water.

Clean yourself and bring the mixture outside of your house. Find a quiet place so that you will not be disturbed.

Put the glass directly onto the floor a few feet in front of you, and then take posture as if a tiger. Craw until your belly is directly over the glass. When you have done so, recite the above prayer slowly for 444x. After that, blow four breaths towards the water.

Now you can sit cross-legged on the floor and use your right hand to squeeze the mixture in the glass until the aroma is released. After that, wipe the liquid all over your body, pay attention to your face. This is because the heart of hypnotizing power is hidden in the face. But remember, you must control yourself so as not to roar like a tiger … or you will be part of the weretiger family J.

When you have completely rub the water all over your body, then my friend, you will feel your body hair stands up straight as if touched by small static electric charge. Let it be as your body is in the process of absorbing the nutrients and power of a tiger, you are allowed to return home once you feel calmer.

If you heard one roar, then reply with “waalaikummussallam”. If you heard a second roar, then do not respond as this is the challenge of other weretigers.

You can clean yourself once you are safely inside your house.

It is advisable to perform this ritual once a month if you want to further into the world of weretigers.

To activate the power:

1.      Recite the prayer above 4x then release your breath to your right index finger.

2.      Rub your index figure on the part between your nose and lips:

a.      For paralyzing power: Rub your finger from top down.

b.      For business, interview etc: Rub your finger from down up.

3.      To be invisible from your enemy:

a.       Get a piece of weed and place it horizontal below your nose, recite the prayer 4x and break the weed. Throw one half to your right, and the other to your left. But you are forbid to touch the body of your enemy, if you do so, he will be able to see you.

4.      You must recite the prayer 4x before you sleep every night to maintain its power. It is said that once you have mastered this spell, you can even tame a wild tiger.

I post this ritual for your reference only. I am not responsible if you became one of the weretigers if you really follow the above ritual. someone has claimed himself to have turned into Deva Yakong and subsequently to some other things else ;-)

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