Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Oil Bath (Mandi Minyak)

The oil bath ritual is normally carried out for the purpose of achieving invulnerability. Almost all occult cultures in South East Asia practice this type of oil bath ritual. Below is a ritual from Malay community:


1.      You must use a big iron wok (Other materials are not allowed).

2.      It is best to use all green coconuts. If not available, then suffice with just one young green coconut and the rest ordinary ones (old).

3.      The number of coconuts required:

a.       One person use 1 coconut.

b.      Two persons use 3 coconuts.

c.       Three persons use 3 coconuts.

d.      Four persons use 5 coconuts.

e.       Five persons use 5 coconuts.

f.       And so on … the number of coconuts must be in odd count.

4.      If the ritual is to be performed by a man, then the coconut must be peeled by the man himself; vice versa for woman practitioners.

5.      The oil for man and woman must be separated.

6.      After the coconut(s) is shredded, start fire to boil it into oil.

7.      Then reduce heat and recite the below prayer for 3x (if one young green coconut and one old coconut is used, then recite 7x).

8.      After that place both of your palms near the surface of the boiling oil while making a silent prayer:

a.       "O Allah, my Lord. You protect me from all the heavy weapons."

9.      Now touch your palms with some oil and apply first the right side of your body bottom up, followed by your left side. Then the whole body.

The prayer:

“Hai minyak selembai tunggal,

Ditanank di kuali besi,

Minyak menjadi tulang,

Tulang menjadi besi,

Urat kawat,

Kulit tembaga,

Daging batu hitam.

Batu hitam tidak berjodoh,

Batu hitam tidak berlawan.

Aku hulubalang Allah,

Batu hitam yang berkata Allah.


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