Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pra Phrom (Brahman/四面佛)

In Thailand, you will notice Pra Phrom or Brahman is worshipped in many prominent places, amongst those, the Bangkok Erawan shrine built in 1956, part of Erawan Hotel. Now you can probably find Pra Phrom everywhere in South-East Asia regions.

Below are some tips for worshipping Pra Phrom I collected during my trip to Bangkok:

  1. Pra Phrom has 4 faces so if you are from 'special' professions, then go by the counter clockwise direction. But before that, first consult your astrological charts for your personal auspicious time. If the timing is not auspicious, not only you will not be blessed, but bad luck follows. For ordinary good people, then go by the clockwise direction.
  2. The best timing to start worship Pra Phrom 3 am in the morning. But then and again, if you are sincere; any time is good.
  3. You will need to prepare the below items:
    1. 4 sets of 7 color flowers
    2. 4 pieces of yellow candles
    3. 12 pieces of joss sticks
    4. 4 pieces of wooden elephen
    5. Some donations
  4. Now, you may offer 1 set of flower, 1 candle, 3 joss sticks and 1 piece of wooden elephant to one face of Pra Phrom. As a rule, once you have started with one face, then you must perform offering to all four faces equally.
  5. After the offering, you can make a wish. But remember, where ever you are in the world, once your wish is fulfilled; you must return to the same place to thank Pra Phrom. As a reminder: what is given to you can be taken back easily.
  6. Standard way to thank Pra Phrom is to hire a Thai style life band to perform a dance. You have a choices of 2 dancers, 4 dancers, 6 dancers or even 8 dancers. Please refer to the picture below:

If you have any success stories, kindly do let me know.

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