Friday, July 6, 2012

Rice & Rice Plant In SEA Magic

Rice is the main diet for majority of SEA folks. Besides rice is consumed, it is also widely used in magical rites. Many Taoist magic cannot do without using rice as it is believed that white rice represents ‘chi’ or life force.

Rice Stem Manikin (草人)

Rice stems are used by Taoists to construct manikins that serve as a replacement body (替身). This manikin replaces the actual person in fooling the evil spirits, or it can also act as an agent during a soul catching ritual. The older generation of Taoist still insist on using the rice stems as according to them any other medias such as paper will not be as effective as the actual rice stems.

Raw Rice

In Taoist magic, raw rice is used to ‘open road’ to enable the soul of a medium to enter the underworld to search for dead souls.

Raw rice is also mixed with salts to perform space cleaning rituals.

In the practice of Taoist magic, a bowl of raw rice is used for holding joss sticks. This will enable the congregation of chi energy.

Raw rice and chicken egg is used in Taoist spirit conjuration rituals.

The Thai magical practices use raw rice in soul catching ritual.

Cooked Rice

Cooked rice is served as one of food offerings in Taoist, Indo-Chinese, Thai, Malay, Javanese and Balinese magic.

However, people seldom aware that cold rice mixed with cold water is served to passer by spirits. So if your dog is barking at an empty space, prepare a bowl of cold rice mixed with cold water together with a pair of chopsticks. Put the serving at the location your dog is barking at. Remove and disposed the whole thing into a trash bin far away from your house the next morning. Please do not burn any incense or candles or the spirit will stay put.

This belief is originated from ancient China where a convict is served cold rice with cold water prior to his or her beheading.

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