Friday, July 20, 2012

The Strike Of Allah's Tiger

This is the all powerful "strike of Allah's tiger spell" or locally known as "Ilmu Pukulan Harimau Allah". This spell is originated from Southern Sumatra that was once known as the land of Srivijaya. It is believed that there are still many hidden teachings since the olden days. There is no need to fast, but you must be a person of very patient.


  1. Able to bring down a concrete wall with a single strike.
  2. Able to burn your opponent's body


Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim,

Epe-epeku gade gelep

Lenganku gade gelep,

Tanganku gade besi,

Jerijiku gade gunting,

Basingku cekel remek,

Basingku samber putung,


Hak mutlak kata Allah.


  1. Prepare a large wok which is used for cooking during the party, and an inch thick rattan.
  2. Overturn the wok on land and sit cross-legged on the convex part.
  3. While reciting the mantra, start squeezing the rattan as if you are doing laundry. Once you have successfully break the rattan, then you have mastered this spell.
  4. There is no specific time to begin this ritual, the most important thing is that you must not be seen by others; and you must in clean condition.

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