Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Sacred Tiger (Harimau Keramat)

In Indonesia and Malaysia, a sacred tiger spirit is believed to be the guardian of a holy place such as the tomb of a saint, the tomb of ancient heros, mountain etc.

People who has seen this sacred tiger spirit said that it looked like a white tiger, have breasts that of a woman, with black eyes and walk up straight as if that of human. This sacred tiger can only be seen if someone with bad intention has intruded into its guarding compound. In this case, the intruder will see the ugliest form of this sacred tiger. It is believed that the story does not end with the retreat of the trasspasser. Because the sacred tiger will haunt this person where ever he or she may go and it will even disturb this person in the sleep. This attack will only ceased if the intruder returns to the place and make offering of apology.

People believe that this sacred tiger spirit was from the spiritual world and it is rared by the saints or ancient heros while they were alive. The original purposes of keeping this sprititual pat were for protection from enemies: spiritual and physical.

There is a ritual from Garut, Java West for evoking the presence of this sacred tiger guardians of an area. Perhaps you can try out if your durian plantation has any tiger spirits watching over?

Below is the ritual:

Prepare the below offering:

  1. One cup of sweet and bitter black coffee
  2. One cup of sweet and bitter red tea
  3. One cup of plain water
  4. Cigar one piece
  5. One chicken egg
  6. Some benzoic incense and white candles.
Go to the site on Thursday night, lay the offerings on the floor, and ecite the below prayer:

 Ashadu daun waru
 sahadat daun dadap
 klenang kleneng.

You must recite the prayer until the tiger spirit materializes. You will be able to hear a tiger roar. Leave the place at once as this spirit is only within 12 feet away from you. Unless you have means for protection, you may be harmed by this tiger spirit. Best still, just a friendly advise: do not engage in this ritual at all.

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