Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gembolo Geni Treatment

This is a very rare traditional treatment method with related ritual but due to patients will be treated by boiled alive, there are inherent dangers. Think carefully before acting.


Treat all kinds of diseases such as: stroke, paralyzed, uric acid, rheumatic, liming, heart, high blood pressure, lever, tumours, frequent headaches, allergies, itchy etc.

Materials needed:

1.      Betel leaf

2.      Drum / Tong Large

3.      Water

4.      Green Coconut Water

5.      Stove

6.      Timber

Prayers to be recited:

* Bismillahirohmanirrochim

* Ya Allah Ya Latif

* Ya Allah Ya Kariim

* Ya Allah Ya Muhammad

* Sir rogo anggowo trisno

* Sir pati angowo lali

* Lelekno ono ing panasing kayu bumi

* amien


1.      Fill the drum with water and coconut water with the proportion of 1 : 6

2.      Put some betel leaves into the drum and heat the drum until the water boils.

3.      When the water boiled, let it cool for 1 to 2 hours.

4.      After that recite the above prayer to the water and let the patient enter into the drum.

5.      Continue to heat the water until the water produces white bubbles.

6.      Then lift the patient out and let him/her lay on a mat for around 10 minutes.

7.      This completes the treatment process.


1.      Do not let the patient touch the drum as this will burn the patient.

2.      Put a layer of pedestal of marbles or wood into the drum.

For your reference only, extreme caution and discretion is advised.

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