Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kelantanese Thai Magic: A Discourse

This is an interesting magical system in that it carries the influence of Buddhism, Bhramism, Thai and Malay believes thus forming an unique system. The main characters worshipped in this practice are the Buddha, Lersi, Hanuman (ghost king if you will) and local spirits such as Hantu Raya (wind spirit), Jembalang Tanah (land spirit) etc.

There is a manual in circulation under the name "white hair system" by a disciple of this stream with a high fee, I have to caution that it is not complete as my dharma brother and I later found out. We travelled to Kelantan actually in the interest to find out more about this system. The missing parts I would term as "as big as a black hole" :

  1. The guru mantram is missing.
  2. The opening ritual is (intentionally) obmitted.
  3. Most of the instructions are blurr, not translated properly. Unless you can read old Kelantanese Malay language then I give you the hat's off.
  4. The very important of the use of spear for protection and exorcism is left out. Well, I supposed that only a genuine diciple will receive actual empowered spear or magic knife from a qualified guru. And that unfortunately, you can't get from intranet. He/She who gets this secret, gets the key to unlock the power.
  5. The prohibitions (totally obmitted from the manual).

I have personally suffered from the ill effect of this incomplete manual, but I survived due to the protection from my other practices. Phew...

So what is this system about? First is the setting up of altar with the 21 yantras for worship on every Wednesday. Then as usual the love magic, the flower bath, the cursing and harming of enemies, the treatment of black magic, animal liberation, protection from robbery, the local lord worship and the appealation of power.

My personal experiences?

  1. A monk came to me on the first night. The guy who taught me said it is normal.
  2. After a while the monk ran about my house, the guy said he has given up Thai magic.
  3. I seek help from my guru to put the spirit under control.
  4. I ask this guy to take a look at the spirit, he said the spirit frightened his wife as she sees a 10 feet hairy big foot!
  5. He sent the big foot back. The thing topple my neighbour's papaya tree, torn off my roof top.
  6. I continue to work with this system without the help from this guy altogether.
  7. My dharma brother came and visit, he can see spirits. He again asked me that who is the 'monk' in my house. So I became suspicious of the power of the person who gave me this "white hair" manual. He must be a swindler I thought.
  8. A Kelantanese friend who read my posting told me some clue about the system. So off we go to Kelantan for adventure.
  9. Now my exploration of "white hair" is completed. The missing parts are put together and stored away (for my next generation).
  10. This is a very fast acting system if you can control the spirit. Otherwise it will make a hell out of your life.
  11. Just a side matter: I got the wrong kind of betel leaves (I was told by a Thai magic fan, there are many types of betel leaves; only one type is suitable for worshipping lersi and for magic), I heard people murmering beside my ears, had headache and light fever for the whole week! This spirit sure can complaint and nag :P

Just my two cents of opinion on those manual hunters. Especially if the manual is not of your native tongue. Do yourself a favour and say NO to manual exchange. Well, again. It is a free world, the choices are still yours ;-)


  1. Wweird this book is in two part .... One is the recording of the old master in Singapore that have die call white hair .. The 21 talisman is the last part ... Bro want to learn pay full money la

    1. I didn't get things for free ;-)

      But even with two parts, the system is NOT complete.

  2. LOL Mr. Chin Tat Onn sure got some knowledge :)