Saturday, July 14, 2012

Evoking Jinn Anjani Putih

This is a conjuration that is kept secret amongst the paranormalists within the Javanese occult circle, now you have the privilage to learn about it.

Jinn Anjani Putih is a jinni that can make you very rich, or at last it can bring you to the spiritual world to meet with other spirits those guards over hidden treasures. At most you will be given part of the hidden treasures. Generally, the treasure will only be given after repeated mantra recitations.

First you must fast for 1 day and 1 night. The fast should begin after dawn before the sun rises until the next morning.


1.      Two pisang raja (plantains)

2.      Two rolled tobacco

3.      One lighter

4.      Three types of flowers

5.      Two guavas

6.      One glass of plain water

7.      One glass of black coffee without sugar

8.      Two jeruk manis (sweet lime)

Put all the offerings onto a tray in an empty room. An oil lamp should be lit.

The room should be clean and quiet; it also should be medium lighted.

You should recite the below mantra while facing the kiblat:


Illadduni cipta kewaliyan,

Shalatan bi shulthanil adzim,

Anjan-anjan kumayan ana kidul,

Aku nyegat lor,

Anjan-anjan kumayan ana kulon,

Aku nyegat wetan,

Anjan-anjan kumayan ana lor,

Aku nyegat kidul,

Anjan-anjan kumayan ana duwur,

Aku nyegat ngisor,

Anjan-anjan kumayan ana ngisor,

Aku methuk tengah,

Jin mayangkara mayunggo seto,

Jin Haruta Maruta,

Jin anjani putih kuwe tak kongkon,

Aku jupukno ………….

(Say what your heart’s desire is)

A word of caution: during the mantra recitation, you will be tested accordingly. You may be visited by various strange animals, starting with a tiger, snake, centipede etc. Do not be panic because those are only hallucinations. When the animal appears, hold the animal and it will disappear.

Every person will have different experience during the conjuration. At least one will be able to enter the realm of jinn and you will be able to see the hidden treasures.

As the name “jinn anjani putih” implies, all you will be able to see in this realm is almost exclusively white in colour. Starting from the skin of the jinn, clothing, mosque, land and plants are purely white. These jinn always subjecting their face either in respect to the humankind; or purposely hide their face.

The tests will almost always make people give up. But for the brave, the God promise them an unforgettable life long experience.

Trial at your own risks.


  1. mr liewsp 1, can you explain further the details of this ritual? e.g, best day and time to do the ritual? how long to do the ritual? if fail to do first time, can it be done again the next day? the pisang raja, is it raw or fried?


    1. This ritual is normally done on Thursday or Friday night after 9pm.

      If we do the ritual one or two times a month, then in normal cases, it lasts for about 1~3 hours. The jinn normally appear in your dream at first after about 6 sessions' offering. You can repeat the ritual until you get the first contact. The best time is 3 days before and after the full moon.

      The pisang raja is normally offered raw.. at least as I was taught so :)