Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Deva Yakong Ritual

First of all, thank you for your prompt feedbacks on the Deva Yakong Initiation Ritual.

If you are on to the path of Deva Yakong, then this is the only ritual you will need. If not, and if you have plenty of spare cash, then contact you know who that is already famous with Deva Yakong for further rituals.

Was Migyur Dorje really a guru of Deva Yakong? Below link gives you a hint:

Offerings of Incense and Candles Invocation Ritual

Om! Maha deva yakong

Saya mem-per-sem-bah-kan lilin dan dupa

Apabila sangat kudus yang aku chari

Yang jan-g-ann mer-nem-ter-ram-kan

Semua jam-mi-nan deva yakong aku mem-jaga saya

Sama sama yakong tujurangsa.

Deva Yakong Supreme Protection Mantra

Rayanamenbu Yakong

Kunagan ber ripu ripu nur kahaiya lauwood elmu sakti

Kayangan, di-hacur bersi maley lau, dima dam bagoh,

Dajam kris! Dajam bisau! Dajam barang!

Haram mau makan aku, tu-buf ku

Deva yakong nyawa-ku, tuhan jat allah!

Sifat deva yakong aku-lah, yakong ter-diri

Aku lingyap deva yakong, sey mata mata,

Samma samma yakong tujurangsa.


While doing the above prayers, visualize you are sitting on a white lotus flower (or any colour you deemed right)

Visualize your physical body is torched with the violet fire. Then again recitethis affirmation –

I AM THE BEING OF VIOLET FIRE I AM THE PURITY DEVA YAKONG DESIRES, To begin with, repeat3 -9 times and gradually increase it to 36, 72, lO8 or 144 repetitions. Respect the affirmation and strengthens its power and draws in more violet fire.

Lastly, visualized covering ourselves with a mirror of protective shield. This mirror acts as a reflective to all negativity. This have the power to return all curses/ spells back to the owner the seconds they forward it to us.

Deva Yakong Supreme Conjuring Mantra:

Yakong Supreme Mantra:

“Rayanamenbu Yakong!

Rang sa gin ni va

Berjaiya saiya

Livaligatva bagatliva

Suga aku orang latang

Sama sama



The Main mantra to be repeated strictly for

70,000 times. You will attain siddhi of mantra.

Whenever you want to use it, recite it 7 times

and then proceed with your ritual. The mantra

siddhi will empower the ritual for your success.

Offering of food to all spiritual guru’s and it’s alliance mantra

Rayanamenbu, Om guru maha deva yakong,

Rayanamenbu, Om guru maha deva songkong,

Rayanamenbu, Om guru maha deva sarakong,

Rayanamenbu, Om guru maha deva ular,

Rayanamenbu, Om guru maha deva kimatang,

Rayanamenbu, yakong, beripu-ripu Deva Raja, Devi Raja,

Dan semua orang orang yang pangkat rendah di-bawah deva dan kamu per-ser-ku-tu-aan, yang di-mana mana tempat daripada manusia dating, dengan setia-nya, saya mem-per-si-la-kan kamu semua, mem-ma-kan makanan dan buah-buahan, yang kamu suka-nya, saya mem-mo-han semua devas yang ada nama-nya dan devas yang tidak ada nama-nya, meng-kasi saya garm-biraan, kem-may-wa-han dan devas yang tidak ada nama-nya, meng-kasi saya garm-biraan, kem-may-wa-han, dan berjayaan dalam semua jaminan aku, se-barb mem-pun-ya-e, batasan ill-mu, mem-lu-lus-kan kuasa ill-mu sakti daripada, manusia mem-ler-pas-kan saya daripada, saiytan kuku dan semua pen-ja-hat roll, samma samma.

Om guru maha deva yakong,

Om guru maha deva songkong,

Om guru maha deva sarakong,

Om guru maha deva ular,

Om guru maha deva kimmatang,

Om guru deva raja,

Om guru devi raja.

Declaration of confidence and faith:

Om! Maha deva yakong,

Yang ker-kua-tan saya mem-hor-mati dengan amat sangat dan mem-per-sem-bah-kan hahawa kamu kudus dan ja-ga-ann kepada saya. Saya per-chaya dengan it-klas e-man bahawa kamu yang ker-pun-ya-ann der-ma-wan peng-yong-kong dan peng-ge-tua saya u-m00n-kan kepada kamu ker-pun-ya-ann sampai k-k-k-lan samma samma yakong tujurangsa.

Appeallation of power:

Om! Maha deva yakong, mem-nu-juk-kan per-ser-tu-ju-ann kalau orang orang mem-ber-ron-tak atau mem-buat jahat kepada saya. Om! Maha deva yakong mem-gu-na-kan shakti dan mem-buant-kan mer-ray-ka dengan ber-ja-ya-ann samma samma yakong tujurangsa.


As standard meditation procedure but do not do this in fear of spirit possession. This is basically an attuning to Deva Yakong’s energy and put you in Deva Yakong’s control. People had had problems with this method.

Guardian spirit return to their dwellings:

Om! Maha deva yakong, dan kamu semua per-ser-ku-tu-ann terima kasih, kami dating sendiriang tolong saya pulang kart tempat yang tadi dating dan men-ray-hard terima kasih, terima kasih, terima kasih.


The Deva Yakong supreme yantra

Now, draw the above Yakong Yantra on your right hand and rub all over your body for protection.

Final word of caution

Dealing with serpent spirits may cause you to have heart problems, stress, or high blood issues. The occult folks believe that a snake will attack a person’s brain and nerve system. So your discretion is advised.


  1. Please don't try if you don't understand ... How this mantra work ... Is in Malay and Indonesia word ...... Is a extremely dangerous .....is a very powerful system ... But u can't simple teach ppl... After I learn I can catch spirit using my hand... But with a price

    1. No bro. It is in Bali. I can catch spirit with my hands myself, sometimes I don't even use my hands ;-)

  2. Seem like all learn from deva yakong.... Good luck

    1. Deva Yakong is no more... he now becomes the boss of Deva Yakong, a step higher. So don't practise Deva Yakong, or you will 'kong' liau ;-)