Monday, July 23, 2012

Ilmu Saka Harimau (Tiger Guardian)

A tiger khodam can be inherited or it can be conjured. Below is the how to:

This tiger guardian spell will give you a tiger khodam and it is originated from Banten, Western Java. Locally this ilmu is called “Ilmu Lodaya Belang” or in Malay “Ilmu Harimau Belang. According to the source, if this spell is fully accomplished and bind into a practitioner’s flesh and body, then he/she can turn into a tiger.

This tiger guardian spell is a very rare and powerful spell. It is kept secret because on the inherent danger that comes with it. One side effect of possessing a tiger guardian is that the practitioner will become very sensitive and easy to get annoyed by small matters. As such the emotional may be out of control and attack other persons as if a wild tiger is attacking. One remedy is to recite Istighfar constantly to bring down the temperament.

The benefits of obtaining a tiger guardian:

1.      Protection from physical and non-physical attack

2.      Able to perform long distance attack

3.      This khodam can be commanded to split apart your enemies

4.      High level authority fit to a leader

5.      Healing of medic and non-medic illness

6.      This tiger khodam can be commanded to perform various tasks etc.

First the empowerment:

1.      You must perform this empowerment at night.

2.      First prepare a cup of black coffee, a cup of plain water and some benzoic incense.

3.      Perform a short prayer to express your intention to master this tiger khodam.

4.      Inhale with your nose then hold your breath under your belly; recite “Yaa Latiif” through your mouth. Do the breathing exercise slowly for about 30 minutes.

5.      You will feel a vibration sensation in your body. Drink the coffee and water. Now you are ready for the actual practice.

The ritual proper:

1.      Fast for 7 days starting on your birthday. Forbid to consume meat products.

2.      You must perform the ritual starting 12 midnight.

3.      Before your ritual perform Solat Hajat 2 rakat and then tawasul to:

a.       Prophet Muhamad S.A.W

b.      Syekh Abdul Qodir Zaelaini

c.       Malaikat Jibril, Mikail, Isrofil and Izroil

d.      Syekh Abdul Muhyi Pamijahan

e.       KH. Fakhrurroji Banten (3x Al-Fatihah)

f.       Ustadz Ruhiyat Abdul Rohman Tasikmalaya

g.      Man Ajazani

4.      Now perform recitation: “Yaa Latiif” and “KH. Fakhrurroji” (khodam) each for 6000x.

5.      On the 6th day, it is forbidden to sleep from Maghrib to Maghrib of day 7th and you must perform the recitation throughout.

6.      Starting from the 4th night to the 7th, after the recitation, you can sit cross-legged and perform this breathing exercise: inhale slowly from your nose and hold your breath under your belly. Stretch both of your palms as forceful as possible until you feel a search of energy within your body; relax and your body will perform movement as if of a tiger.

7.      For best result, prepare a cup of black coffee and a cup of water to be consumed after the prayer recitation.

Activating your tiger guardian:

1.      Perform a short prayer to God Almighty expressing your intent.

a.       If you want the tiger guardian to enter your body; do the above breathing exercise.

b.      If you want the tiger guardian to materialize in front of you, call its name repeatedly until it comes:

                                                              i.      Prepare a cup of black coffee and water.

                                                            ii.      Your room must be dark.

c.       In emergency, suffice to call the khodam’s name.

2.      You must perform the prayer 313x every day.

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