Friday, July 13, 2012

Fishing For Lucky Numbers

Here is another method of getting lucky numbers from spirits of untimely dead. The best candidate will be woman died of child birth and the murdered victim. However, there are inherent dangers with this method so suffice just to know.

First, choose a potential location, a murder scene, an abandoned building such as a hospital or in a cemetry. But first, ask for permission so as not to break the law.

The best timing would be after 11pm and before 4am.

When you are at site, prepare the altar as shown above. You will need a spirit tablet inscribe with the name of the spirit, a small table, three eggs inscribed with features of a face, some food offerings, two white candles, two long stick incense, some quantity of raw rice and a 'fishing rod' made of binding three pieces of tree branches forming a triangular shape (as shown). At one end of each stick, attach one piece of white candle. Also not forgetting to attach a string, a red string being the best.

Now you will need three players, preferably young ladies (sorry, no discrimanation intended). If the players dare, poke each's right hand ring finger with a needle and draw a drop of blood onto the fishing rod for maximum effect.

Oh yes, take some paper shreads and write digit 0 to 9 and spread it on a table top. Do around 30-40 pieces. Throw a handful of rice onto the paper shreads to start the ritual. The rice is to open a way for the spirit to come to the table.

Light the candles and incense, let the ladies hold one end of the fishing rod and do a up and down motion as if in actual fishing.

In time, you will notice small pieces of paper will be attached to the string. Take a reading and repeat until you are satisfied.

Thank the spirit and leave the place. Throw the offerings, the tablet and things that are used in ritual before you reach your house; or the spirit will follow one of you into the house.

Last but not least, just a friendly reminder:

gambling is forbidden by major religions.


  1. The cautious message you always give are the best! This shows that you just don't give your expirence anyhow but warn others too! Great bro!

  2. Excellent ritual but I cannot perform it now because I'm male my children having die before, I will keep it for future use. Thank you Mr Liew

    Peace and light