Thursday, July 12, 2012

Binding A Spirit

A friend asked me a question: "How to bind a spirit to a stone if I already can see them visually?"

Well, it is good if you can already see the spirits, this is a plus. But to be able to see is not equivalent to be able to bind a spirit. You must still perform a conjuration ritual.

Basically two binding methods:

1. Binding by force into an item as if imprisonment:

In the Al-Hikmah, this type of binding is by reciting doa such as Ayat Kursi, doa saefi, Hizib Maghribi, Hizib Yamani or the like to force the spirit into submission. The Taoist uses a set of talismans coupled with hand gestures. The 5 Thunder Method is amongst famous ones. In Tantric ritual, fire puja for increase is the most powerful method existed.

2. Binding to an item where the spirit is free to roam about

Many conjuration rituals be it in the Al-Hikmah such as the conjuration of Jinn King, Asma Sungei Rajah etc belongs to this category. The Taoist's 5 legionnaire army is another example. While tantric puja such as water offering, smoke offering and offering to the local lords are amongst the typical ones. This type of ritual make use of food offerings, expensive incense and prayers. Basically this is a contract between you and the spirit, both ends must fulfill the mutual agreements in order to be effective. The spirits will answer your call once you need them, but you still must perform periodic worship to them as an exchange.

Both of the above methods can be found in the blog. However, I do not want to encourage this type of practices as spirits are beings of free will, so just let them be. They have their own karmic debt to pay. Unless they interfere with our well beings.

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