Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Making Of Nam Man Prai Oil (Minyak Dagu)

Nam Man Prai Oil or “Minyak Dagu” known in Malay is the proprietary of Thai magic. Now it seems that Nam Man Prai Oil can also be purchased from intranet. The price of this oil ranges from USD200~USD1200. There are many methods according to various traditions, below is what I have learnt from my master:

 (I have left out some details and incantations to prevent people from trying it.)

The prerequisite is that you must already have a familiar spirit and must be able to conjure a spirit or familiar with soul catching methods.

The bodies used to be dug in graveyards but more often they are “purchased” to reduce the risks.

If the graveyard work is to be made, then the permission from the grave watcher must be obtained. This is done by burning 5 black joss sticks, if all are burnt then your request is approved; otherwise if incenses were extinguished half way then forget about intention for now.

To make long story short:

Now you have got to the corpse of the pregnant, if your familiar spirit is powerful, then it can make the corpse rise by itself. If not, you will have to prop it yourself. Light a white candle and start burning the chin of the corpse and start chanting. In normal case you would only collect a teaspoon of pure oil. Now proceed to get the rest of below ingredients.

Prepare the below ingredients (ingredients may vary according to the directions of your familiar spirit):

·         Chin oil collected from a pregnant woman with baby intact

·         Ashes from 7 cremated corpses

·         Dirts from 7 cemeteries

·         Chin oil from black cock

·         A black dog

·         Private parts of a person die of violent dead

·         A base oil (empowered coconut oil or a perfume)

·         A blessed copper tangkal/talisman

All the ingredients are mixed together and boiled until unified for 24 hours. It is then sifted and put into a glass container for empowerment for 49 days.

The final very important step is: when there is a request for Nam Man Prai Oil, the requester must prepare to give a drop of his/her blood into the Nam Man Prai Oil. The purpose is to ‘lock’ the power to the new owner and not anyone else.

There is a method to test if the Nam Man Prai Oil is alive. Hang the Oil with string of 5 colours and it can rotate by itself then it is alive. In this case, you can ask it some simple questions and it will give you a YES or NO answer.

Nam Man Prai Oil is also graded accordingly:

1.      Oil collected from a corpse

2.      Oil collected from a monkey

3.      Oil collected from a black dog

For grade 1, the power manifests immediately and the effect is more permanent; whereas for grade 3, the power manifests within 2 to 3 days and the effect is temporary.

The prohibitions of Nam Man Prai Oil:

1.      It is forbidden to bring it across river or sea.

2.      It is forbidden to carry it if it is raining for fear of lightning strike.

3.      It is forbidden to carry it to funerals.

4.      If it is not in use, it is buried under the earth to avoid it to be strike by lightning.

Well, and again. I do not encourage people practising this type of magic. Do it at your own risks. It is against the law to temper with corpses. So your discretion is advised. Otherwise, just collect some dirt next time you sweep the floor and put in a bottle of cooking oil… ;-)


  1. hi, what do u mean by 5colour string? and have to tie on to the bottle ?

    1. yes. Strings of green, red, white, black and yellow.
      Tie the strings to the bottle or put the bottle in a bag and tie the bag with the strings.

  2. plz can u give the magic spells for energfy the corpse oil and how many days the corpse oil will have power and which day we can start this procedure

  3. did you know where to buy amulet best for attracting and get women seduced to us...many amulet have combination of NMprai oil,bones,hair,and others..so do you know where to get...i mean real genuine not fake like in the website..?

    1. Unfortunately real ones are very difficult to get and most of them are collector's items... and they are not cheap. The ones on sold are fakes... Unless u have the ingredients... Or u can get a Hantu Raya like my friend who can attract women by just looking at them... I have no intention to create new ones at present..

  4. Hi Shih Perng. This is a very intriguing topic. I'd like to discuss more with you. Do you have a Gmail address? Mine is yasser.mattar@gmail.com

  5. Just surfing on the internet and i came to this page. I really cannot believe that you guys think this "magic" shit can work...wake up,it's 2016 not the middle age!

  6. Shih Perng...i read it is very difficult to find a grade 1NMP haven't
    You any suggestsion where to buy it.. For a European person? i m really interested in it.

    1. Unfortunately grade 1 NMP cannot be found in open market and no one practically produces it now days... considering the ingredients; unless if you have them of course.

      Open market ones uses animal oils instead and the price is not cheap.