Monday, July 9, 2012

The Secret Of Dead Man's Pillow

A dead man’s pillow is useful in getting yourself a fortune.

First get the pillow under a person, who has died on Friday, the best is that it is a Thursday night.

Once you have gotten hold of the pillow, hastily return home and wrap the pillow with “kain mori” or mori cloth (usually made of silk). Then put the pillow wrapping in an empty room or your ritual room.

Enter the room at night, burn some black incense but NEVER fall asleep! Or you will be possessed by the spirit of the dead. Stay awake and the spirit of the dead will approach you to ask you to return his/her pillow. Now use your bargaining power to bargain with the spirit on the amount of money you want from the spirit.

You will get handsome rewards if the deceased is person of power or rich.

Read and enjoy about this ritual, but practice at your own risk. Best to work hard to enjoy your hard earn money.

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